Labradorite, Sterling Silver, & 18K Gold… Labradorite or Spectoralite…. color shifting stone…

Very pretty and timeless piece… Had a lot of peaceful time this week just to sit make things. You don’t always get that every week. Sometime busy work just interferes with being creative and being creative is what it’s all about…




This is a Garnet stone necklace that is huge that I have had for about a year. I have never gotten a good picture of it and when I sent it out to be photographed the pro’s pic wasn’t any better than mine….hmmm.. the pics I have now are the best I have ever had. It is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I have ever made. Link:



This is an Azurite… The necklace is huge…. It is also at The Flying Pig Gallery as of yesterday which opened for weekends until sometime in May when they will be open daily. I love the multi-leather cord I made for it. It really works with the piece. If you are interested in this piece just contact me or The Flying Pig we will get it to you. Link:


This Chyrsocolla is at The Flying Pig as well but it was fun design…




Another Labradorite… The stone was so big I just could not get myself to add any details to distract from it. So, here it is on a thick hammered plate of sterling silver — simple but bold. I just finished this today so it’s here… link:


Heidi! Are you out there???? These are my crazy lace agates. The top two crazy laces are gone already…. I used them in pendants…but you wanted to know what I had on hand and here it is…. take a look.


I have been considering purchasing a TIG welder for jewelry purposes… Researched it to death over the last couple of days. Thank you to the other artists who have chimed in to help with my decision on what to purchase. I have not made up my mind yet. There are two brands: PUK and Orion. Right now they seem to be neck and neck in what they can do for a jeweler. Still don’t know yet. It’s a huge investment. I could have used it several times this week on delicate repairs. Much to think about. I might even look into some artist grants??? Not sure where that will go but it’s worth a try. I’m off to the movies to enjoy the rest of this rainy Saturday.

You Will Find Refuge Necklace….


To date: this necklace is probably one of the most beautiful I have ever made. Crazy Lace Agate stone, sterling and citrine gemstones…..Oone of a kind. Titled: ‘You Will Find Refuge’




Extremely sharp contrast in style and taste… this is a custom order skull pendant for a man. Skull is carved labradorite stone. It’s a very wicked looking piece of jewelry.



The class schedule is now available at Peninsula School of Art. I will be teaching two classes in September there. One class is business related: ‘How To Launch Your Etsy Shop‘ It will focus on the ins and outs of Etsy, setting up your shop and navigating the e-commerce so you have the best chance of being noticed among the masses. Class is Sept 15 & 16, Monday and Tuesday. Link:

Sept 17,18,19th will be a stone setting class. During this class we can really do almost anything. The school is completely equipped with all the tools we need to make rings, pendants, fold forming, etc… From the very basics to the most advanced please come and learn and experiment with new techniques. I will have an assistant so if you need concentrated help with just one area there will be time for that or if you have never made a thing in your life and are terrified of a torch ~ no worries ~ just come to class. Link to class:

I can’t sign you up…here is the catalog and links to the school;

Will have an accurate schedule of summer events now posted on this blog on the events page so hope to see some of you this summer. One of the galleries I sell in, The Flying Pig, opened officially last weekend and is open on weekends now until middle of May when they will be open daily. I will be dropping of jewelry there this coming Friday. They usually re-do the layout of their gallery over winter while they are closed. I am excited to see it. I know there is an 18 foot fish moving sculpture hanging from their ceiling… yes, it swims, really…. I saw that the day they had scaffolding up to install it. What an amazing piece! Got to go and get to work! It’s Monday morning, much to do.

My One and Only


My One and Only….

I really could not have enjoyed making a piece more. This necklace has everything I love ~ a huge crazy lace agate stone, a huge piece of sterling silver to capture the stone, and a handmade and hammered heavy link chain. The pictures are a joke. I can’t capture it’s weight in the pictures. I bet it weighs a pound… ha ha ha ha!!!!! Am I insane? It looks amazing worn short like a choker.


DSC_0038 DSC_0035



My One and Only Link:

DSC_0066 DSC_0116 DSC_0070

These beautiful blue Caribbean Ocean colored Chrysocolla stones are to brighten your day! Simple and sweet colorful necklaces. Links:  and



Blue Flame Azurite and Sapphire:


Crazy Lace Agate Earrings.. Link:


 This is a Roni sized necklace…. Hi Roni!!! It’s rough and rustic with little moving details and citrine gemstone accents.


Sara’s Ring: Made this ring as a custom order last week. It is a 8×6 oval diamond, white gold engagement ring with two other wedding bands. The thicker wedding band is cut out to fit the oval diamond locking it in place. The other white band is for Sara to go to work as she is a veterinarian. She wanted the engagement ring to be a brushed matte finish and look like she just dug it out of the ground. The other two rings are polished. It is hard to make a 1 carat diamond look rugged. She is wearing it now! Thanks Sara & Ben for such a great custom piece. Wedding is this summer ~ Best Wishes to them both!!!!



Need a heavy headpin? I made three hundred of these this week, jeez… someone out there is busy wire wrapping something???? Thanks for the great order from my supply shop. These work great on focal pendant beads and large hole beads, like handmade glass beads of Tammy Raes: .  I have these available in any gauge you need but 20 and 18 gauge work the best.

Super Sized Sterling Headpins Handmade:

A Couple of Great Tools….


Just posting about last weekends show and some great tools I have been using lately. The show was good. Nice to see other artists and get out of the snow bank and socialize a little. It’s been a long winter for everyone. The above tool is a ring clamp and is part of GRS jewelry tools that are interchangeable in a bracket that bolts to a table or the front of your bench. I got an entire GRS system from a jeweler that passed away last year. It’s been awesome. This ring vise will turn in any direction and you can lock it in so you can hammer away in any position with any thing moving. It really makes stone setting precise.


If you look at the top of this ring vise… do you see the huge grooves??? What the heck was this guy using to take huge 1mm or more grooves out of a hunk of steel. Even engraving would not be this rigorous??? I don’t know what he was working on to ruin the face of this tool like this. I will probably end up replacing the head of this tool soon. If you have been thinking about one of these you won’t be disappointed. It’s a better tool than I ever thought.


Pepe Tools Super ring bender…. This tool bends material effortlessly, even white gold and does not leave a single mark on it. I have it clamped in a vise on my bench which it comes with an attachment to do just that or you can bolt it down to your table top if you have a designated space for it and don’t want to move it out of your way. It comes with several attachments that make rings in different sizes and 90 degree bends. It also comes with nylon inserts for very fragile things.

IMG_2484 IMG_2485


Best yet… Kate Wolf Belt Sander

It’s a belt sander what can I say? Well, it’s great. Great time saver and makes flat perfect surfaces in a snap. Clean up anything in just a second and don’t wear your hands out filing or emery papering… This belt sander fits on a flex shaft and has several grits available for the sanding belt. It moves and stays put in any position. You can use the round parts of the rollers for curves or the nice flat surface on top for flat piece of metal. I have loved it! It do keep it on it’s own flex shaft because I use it every other minute and would not want to be changing it out all the time.


Love it Love it Love it…


IMG_2490 IMG_2489IMG_2490


Art show set up…


Branches Earrings… I made a pair of these for myself that are 5 inches long… hee hee they are fun! You can have them in any length you want though.



Had a customer purchase these as a set… I chuckled… never intended them as a set and did not even realized how nicely they went together. I made the necklace a while ago and the earrings just this last week. Thanks customer for having a good eye. They are beautiful together.

Hope you enjoyed the tool update… All of the tools have great YouTube Videos that you can easily search. Melissa Muir does an excellent job with that so check out her videos. My next tool is some urethan hammers… they are amazing and I can’t wait for them to arrive. The urethan forms around the metal. HUGE Tool purchase…. Durston shears, ouch on the price tag but it’s time. The Durston shears cuts non-ferrous metal 4mm thick. I can’t imagine that. I have a little shears. It is great with 20G, 22G, 24G and ok with 18G and sort of ok with 16G but it has a 4 inch opening. I am ready for a 12 inch opening and to cut ring shanks perfect with a pull. Pepe tools big shears only cuts 2mm thick material and I have used that shear at Peninsula School of Art and love that… CANT WAIT!!!!!! to get it. It weighs a lot and it’s big but I will find a spot for it. Let you know how it is when it’s here. My little shop is at it’s brim.

New Magazine Article!!! and Upcoming Show


I just cannot believe it even when I see it. Thank you again Belle Armoire Magazine. This is my second time being in this beautiful magazine and it is still surreal. This article features a necklace that is my own necklace from my own Lucky Penny. It’s a nice article because some pics of how I made the necklace are included.



Still pinching myself…. All Smiles….


Stone is very unusual Malachite with Black Dendrites…




Fun piece to make this week. The chain is incorporated into the design and I love doing that. I could sit and make chain all day. Link:

First Show of the year in less than two weeks~ March 8th and 9th Green Bay WI ~ Shopko Hall (right next to Lambeau Field)

Great Stones! Great Fun!


This is a repair job… The earring with the green stone and garnet (garnet is almost black in the picture) was purchased by a customer of mine in Poland by an artist. She lost the other earring. I told the customer I had a very similar sized Mexican Fire Opal and could possible make her an earring that would NOT match but be a great alternative to not wearing her sentimental earring. Here is the repair…. The earring with the yellow stone I made to ‘not match’ her other earring. I hope she loves them and how different they are. You would be surprised to know that people often never notice if you are wearing two different earrings. Your face is just enough space for their brain to not pick up the difference. This being said most customers are very picky about their earrings being perfect matches while they examine them before they purchase them. I always grin to myself because slight difference will never be noticed… you can get away with wearing an entirely different pair all together.


White Topaz Engagement Ring:

This I have listed as an alternative engagement ring. It can be any kind of ring however and I will probably make it with some other stones including a diamond. I love the ring. It’s comfortable, durable and looks like a classic on the hand.


This is an usual setting. It’s a rose cut white topaz and is set in a domed setting. I would really like to thank Gerry Lewy for coming to Green Bay for his diamond setting class. I have grown leaps and bounds in my ability to set stones because of him. Thank you Gerry!



Lake Michigan ‘In All Of Her Glory” inspired necklace… Crazy Lace Agate and Iolite Rosecut Gemstones. Lake Michigan looks like a dangerous, icy ocean right now. We are experiencing the coldest winter here in 35 years and some of the Great Lakes you can walk out on to for miles. This does not happen very often so take advantage of the ice caves they won’t be back maybe in my lifetime. Link:


This is a bubble chalcedony stone. It’s a very feminine coral pink which is a favorite color of mine. It’s small enough for Roni…. but probably not her style. (Love ya Roni!!!! Small enough for Roni is going to be my new baseline for stones of this size.) I could not resist the interesting texture of this stone. Link:


Last but not least is this Landscape Jasper…. doesn’t it look like the desert… It is so perfect. I was going to mess with it in an elaborate setting and I just could not do it. The stone is really all there is. I couldn’t make it any better than it is by itself. Link:

I had two friends that went to Tucson and purchased stones for me. Thank you. What a Godsend. You have no idea how badly I would like to go there and I will get there someday. Thank you though to my friends that shopped for me! Awesome stuff that I will post next time.

I have a show in about two weeks. I am looking forward to it. Green Bay’s Artigras at Shopko Hall, March 8, 9th. It’s a nice break in the winter to get out and see friendly faces. Stop in if you can and say hi.

For Roni not the Jolly Green Giant



Custom saying ring for customer…. I hope it’s inspiring for her on a daily basis.


This is for Roni. Roni this is a beauty and it’s a normal size. I made it with you in mind.


This is a Crazy Lace Agate, Garnet and 18K Gold accents….. 20 inch adjustable chain.



Big Big Necklace….. Not for Roni….


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