I Am Not A Photographer

It is no secret to friends and family that  I have struggled with my pics. They are getting better ~ sorta…. Someone wanted to know how I took them so here is my little set-up. Obviously it is homemade but it is working the best for me. Hope it helps whoever needs some inspiration to take their own photographs. The white paper is tissue paper (couple layers.) The white frame is a plastic come-apart shelving unit. The background is a piece of anti-glare glass (from a cheap picture frame) over a piece of black foam board. The lights I rarely use but they are from Amazon.com and have 5,000 watt full spectrum/daylight flor. bulbs in them. Good Luck with pictures. God knows I poke my own eyes out taking them sometimes.



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3 responses to “I Am Not A Photographer

  • Nilufer

    It’s great! When I saw your ring at Etsy Front page I couldn’t understand the background. Very clever idea!

  • Thomas

    I was a jeweler professionally for 30 years and now out of a job I can look back on the equipment used at that place of employment. The diffuser was a frosted plastic tea pitcher with a hole in the bottom for the lens. With practice and proper white balance and exposure, I learned to do good jewelry photos, the toughest photos in my experience. Your jewelry shots look good to me and your shots of a lovely model are promising. It is technique, yes, as is jewelry. But the design and composition is in the heart and eye behind the camera. I am now a freelance photographer..trying to find a new permanent work to allow freedom for my creative drive to exist with more freedom.

    Saw your post on Ganoksin..go for it, you have the talent.

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Thank you so much for your comments. You cannot imagine how hard I have tried to take ‘nice’ photos. It has really been a journey. I will keep trying and doing until it is as professional as possible. You sound like you also have a new door open to you. Good luck with your venture….Doors open and shut for a reason…..

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