Once Upon A Time…..

Once upon a time in a land not so far away a girl had a small wood repair project to do. So, she set off to her garage with a bottle of wood glue, a clamp, and some trim nails.

While in the garage she realized the wood glue was no longer usable and tossed it into the garbage. Thankfully she had just bought a big huge bottle of gorilla glue and it was in the pantry.  The girl raced off to get it. She snipped the top off of the nozzle and headed back to the garage. On her way out the door to the garage she realized that the glue in the bottle was not moving at all. Wondering why she removed the top which screwed off easily. The glue would still not move. Thinking to herself ‘This is a brand new bottle. What the heck?’ she squeezes the bottle gently. Unknown  to her a hard skin has formed over the glue. The glue beneath this skin has pressure behind it. It is trapped. The gorilla glue explodes out of the bottle and into her open eye.  Shocked she runs to the sink and starts washing the glue out of her burning eye.  After she wipes the glue off her face, eyebrow, lashes and has let water pour into her open eye she realizes the hair hanging in the sink next to her is dripping and full of glue also. Hmmmm……hair carmelized into dreadlocks with gorilla glue. Frantic, she pours a bottle of finger nail polish remover into her hair. That does not work.

She calls her hair dresser. The shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays. It is Sunday night at 7pm and like some kind of miracle her hair dresser answers the phone.  She was there by freak incident and she doesn’t nomally answer the phone after hours but something this time told her to pick up this call. That something was the girls guardian Hair Stylist Angel  screaming into her ear ‘Pick up the phone.’ The hair dresser tells the girl to comb paint thinner through her hair with a fine comb. The girls goes to the utility sink in the basement and begins the paint thinner treatment. Her eye is blood red and hurting like it’s on fire.

(Exciting Sub Plot) Neighbor lady calls. Her washing machine started smoking and the motor seized up. She comes over to the girls house to spin out her unfinished load of clothes. They talk in the basement while girl continues to slowly pull glue from her hair with paint thinner. Nice neighbor lady leaves.

It is now late at night. The girl decides she has done enough. She washes her hair and wraps the mess in a towel, takes some advil for her throbbing eye and goes to bed.

The next morning the girl can see. Her eye hurts but it is much better. The ends of her hair are completely glued together. The hair dresser calls and says we are not open but come on in. The girl and hair dresser talk and have a laugh at the situation and life in general. World’s problems get solved during their discussion. The hair gets cut off. Girl gets new hair do. Girls eye gets better every passing hour.


Morale to the story: Your hairdresser really IS your best friend and Joy should wear safety glasses just because she breathes.


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