Home-made Hydraulic Press

My husband made me this hydraulic press and I have been having a blast with it. It changes everything! My shop is so much more functional using it. Just like my rolling mill it is a piece of equipment that just makes hard things easy, fast and perfect. You can do things that a hammer or a saw does in just seconds instead of taking forever and with better accuracy. Awesome 3 dimensional shapes too. I have to drill a one inch hole in the top to fit other attachments to it. Will get that done soon.


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3 responses to “Home-made Hydraulic Press

  • Thomas The Fourth

    This is awesome. I’m trying to make a press similar to this for a project I’m working on. This may be a bit off topic, but how do the poles connect to the top and bottom plates? Are those solid or hollow pipes? Thanks.

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Pipes are actually threaded rod that fit perfectly within the plates. This was done in a machine shop obviously. The top and bottom connect with welded on bolts ands heavy springs. I will send you a photo to your email. There are a lot of ways to make a press. You can view a lot of homemade hydraulic presses on Etsy just search ‘hydraulic press.’All this being said ‘The Potter Press’ is the best value. After making this one I would just by a Potter USA Hydraulic Press. Great press and great value and great guy. Potterusa.com

      • Thomas The Fourth

        Cool, thanks for the reply and info! I checked out the Potter USA Presses, but unfortunately I need at least an 8 inch plate for what I’m working on. The larger ones are just out of my budget.

        Right now I have three plates, and my friend is willing to machine some stuff for me assuming I can figure out the connections.

        Looking forward to those pics, thanks so much.

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