Iron Display

I spent a lot time this winter making displays which is working against me now because I am playing catch up on jewelry making. I don’t think I will regret making them however and might make some more. This is a rolled sheet of steel that I cut out with a plasma cutter, grinded, welded a small bar to the back for anti-theft reasons and put an aged copper finish on. I made three of these. Attached are my letter charms which I hand make on at a time. They are a big seller as a token item at shows in the summer.

I worked on my displays at a good friends house because his shop is heated. I was cracking up because he was making a new skid steer bucket and the material for the bucket was thinner than my display material. (Which was so heavy I could hardly unload the sheets of the truck.) He asked me what the heck I was making with such thick material and if it had to be bomb proof or what and I said no….just necklace displays…..He thought I was crazy. Which is true but they look really cool.


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5 responses to “Iron Display

  • Janice

    Do you just unhook the necklaces each one at a time or is there a release on the bar somewhere so that you can take a few off at a time? I am considering some anti-theft measures, still debating on what and how. I love the look of the patinated steel. Somewhat rustic but not too much so. Good job!

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      I thought I replied to this comment but I guess not. I am not the savy blogger… The necklace hook on to the bar with their clasp, a safety pin, or steel flexible beading wire that is crimped in place. It would be cool if the bar was hinged and it opened up like you suggested. Great idea!!! The patinated steel is a copper patina you can buy at a paint store. It is specialized and I did not find it at a hardware store. That took some time but it was pretty straight forward. First show is this weekend and I will try out all the diplays and see if they work well. Pray for good weather. 🙂 joy

      • Janice

        Thanks. 🙂

        I’ll be wishing you fair weather and a crazy amount of customers – all with their wallets out and overflowing, clamoring to purchase your wonderful jewelry!

  • Wild Prairie Silver

    Wouldn’t that be something…a stampead of customers! I gotta quit my coffee break and get to work. Think of me Sat and Sun. I will post pics and results on Monday.

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