Beginnings of Copper Pod

This will become a copper pod with little details peeking out from within. This is formed with my hydraulic press. You push the metal so far that it splits. You can hear it pop. It makes a nice organic edge when this happens as opposed to sawing. The copper piece on the top is split to one side, kinda hard to see in the shadow. It is split to one side because I had it  just a little off-center in my press and the pressure was not equal. The lower copper piece is split right down the center ~ sweet! If you don’t want your pieces of metal to literally break (I was doing this on purpose)  you just don’t push it so far, take it out of the press and check it, anneal it if necessary and redo until you are happy with your results. It’s fun to have 20,000 strength….superhero? no just a metalsmith…..


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