First Show This Weekend

Ok, Ok, Ok….I am a little nervous because my first show of the season is this weekend. This is last years tent and setup. I have pretty much changed everything. So I will have a new pic and hopefully it will be a snazzier setup than this pic. This was at ArtStreet in Green Bay WI last summer. I am not even in the tent ~ musta took a potty break???

This weekends show is in Sturgeon Bay Door County. It is a great show with all of the participants having beautiful work. It is in Sunset Park right on the Bay of Green Bay and just north of the Downtown District.

I will have Coffee, Chocolate, Wine and Silver….the four food groups 🙂

You have to ask privately for refreshments….I will bring you a cup…..


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4 responses to “First Show This Weekend

  • kim nogueira

    It sounds like you have thought of everything! If I were only a little closer, I would stop by…I can’t wait to see pics–I’m a New England transplant living on a tiny Caribbean island and I really miss those summer art fairs, not to mention being able to drive somewhere to take a class, or go to a gem show, etc…

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      I think that a tiny carribean island sounds pretty awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I will trade you for a year in Wisconsin. There are a ton of art shows and lots of local classes to take. I will comb the beaches for materials to use in my jewelry, toss my cell phone in the ocean, drink a beer and get a tan. Oh that sounds like heaven!

  • Janice

    I look forward to seeing your set-up. I am TOTALLY new to shows (have done maybe 4 or 5) and I am learning that its really hard and an ongoing process to set up a booth. And first I was doing it all with generic jewelry supply house displays, but now I am trying to create more displays myself and also streamline it so it looks more upscale. I went to ACC this year and so many of the jewelry displays were SO minimal. I am now working towards that.

    (hey – maybe you were taking the picture??)

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      What a blonde….Yep, I am taking the picture.  Shows are relatively new to me too. Wow, are you ever right about really hard and an on-going process. If you have anything you want to share with me please SHARE!!!!! I was using black velet jewelry displays. They were nice ones, not cheap ones but they just did not fit my type of jewelry. I really wanted my jewelry to be touchable…not sure that is wise but I am gonna try it. I didn’t want it under glass. I have had countless people flat out say ’I bought this because I did not have to approach you to ask to try it on.’  I also wanted to make my own displays and have them look old and Wild Prairie Silver-ish……. I will see if it all comes together. Might want to poke my own eyes out on Saturday morning but maybe it will look good and be functional?????? Would love some advice on ACC. What was that like. Did you attend it as a spectator or a seller? I do love shows even though they are hard. You just can’t beat meeting people face to face and making an everlasting connection.

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