Promise Lost

Made this necklace today. It has a sad sobering story attached to it and it is appropriately named: Promise Lost.

My good friend’s niece was killed this past winter in a car accident. She was 17 years old, homecoming queen, graduating and heading to college. She and her boyfriend were in the car when they lost control on an icy road. They hit a snowplow head on. He broke his leg. She lost her life. No fault, an accident.

I did not know this girl or her parents. I just know her aunt and her cousin who graduated without her this past weekend. I think of her family often as I did watching my good friends daughter at her graduation party. All of the promise…..lost… an instant.

I wanted to make something permanent for this young woman. I could not seem to completely stop thinking of her even though I did not know her.

Red Agate, Citrine, Garnet, Rough Uncut Diamonds

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2 responses to “Promise Lost

  • SilverJoy

    This is absolutely gorgeous! So beautifully made, so much attention paid to details and such a wonderful rainbow patina! Is the “coarse” look obtained through reticulation?

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      The ‘coarse’ look to the texture is engraved and the patina is liver of sulfur in hot ammonia. The patina is not predictable…. and can be frustrating. Make sure you have good ventilation and wear a mask when using ammonia too!

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