Iron Table

Husband and I decided to make our own patio set. We went and looked at some and knew in a few stops at stores that the patio sets available would last about a year outside on Wild Prairie. We had a log swing actually blow over and break one of the legs in half…….Windy to say the least.

We also looked at some wrought iron sets that were priced in the $6,000.00 price range and that is just a little too steep for us to shell out. So, here we are today making up our own. This top is 5 feet across, 1/4 inch steel plate. We just cutting the design out today. Tomorrow we are welding on a steel ring to frame out the bottom of the table top so it ‘looks’ 2 inches thick. The legs will be next with a ring rolled half way down them. I will show you pics of that happening. In the end the entire table will be powder coated at a local guys paint shop so we don’t have a rust pile to sit at.

Keep ya posted on the progress. I will have to do something with the cut-outs left over ~swiggles on the floor. The butterfly would not leave. We tried to make him go but he kept coming back to watch. Anyone know what kind of butterfly that is???

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3 responses to “Iron Table

  • Ariane

    That’s great can’t wait to see it come along 🙂

  • marty

    I believe what you have there is a red-spotted purple, or white admiral (Limenitis arthemis astyanax). It is a mimic of the pipevine swallowtail which is poisonous. Their host plants are birches and willows.

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      That is interesting. I thought it looked like the pipevine swallowtail and then looked at it again and could see it was not a swallowtail. We have lots of willows and birches so makes sense.

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