Fish Creek Class

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I am teaching at Peninsula School of Art in Fish Creek all week. It’s a pretty fun class because it’s a metals class for kids. Our first day was yesterday and it was great. They all already took a finished piece home with them and today we will see how far we get turning on a torch. I have another great “Make Your Own Findings” class July 30th, Sat. In this class we will make all the little parts that make the details or the attachments, or the earwires, etc… We will go into mass production of them and mass finishing of them in small batches. I will be teaching a similar class Sept 22,23,24th at the same school and in this class we will also make some detailed handmade chains. Fun times at the Peninsula School of Art! Beautiful place by the way to teach, to learn, to visit. If you are interested in signing up for any of their workshops just visit:

Almost forgot: the second photo is of the tripoli I ordered. WOW! can you say mistake on the size! The little used bar of tripoli is next to the new one – I have had that for darn near ever!!!! What am I going to do with this monster brick. It is going to die with me.


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