ArtStreet Almost Here

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I have so much to share with this post. For starters ArtStreet is in Green Bay WI this weekend. It is a great event. I am booth #54 this year on Pine St. So, stop by if you can. I hope there is great weather! I will post some pics of the entire event. It is in my stomping grounds so I will have a great time. I lived most of my adult life just a few blocks from where the event takes place. Can’t wait…..

The pics I posted are of a piece I just made…..’My Always & Forever.’ I just loved this huge Crazy Lace Agate. I purchased it at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee from Lapidary-est…Gary Miller. I saw it and knew it was just for me. I did not want to use a 4 inch x 4 inch piece of sterling silver to set this stone because of the cost of materials. So, I made a simple frame for it. Honestly the stone holds its own. It does not need an elaborate setting. Even the swiggly prongs are a little too much. The stone is 3 inches x 2.5 inches – Big. The chain I just love. Making chains is a pleasure for me. Love this non-traditional handmade chain.

The next group of pics are of a ‘re-styling, repair.’ It is a woman’s wedding ring and she wanted her children’s birthstones on it. The pic of the ring is horrible but I just wanted to show you what I was talking about. I use the mandrel in the mandrel holder and a set of stone setting punches to bezel set the stones with a hammer. It works just great. As long as you have a nice seated stone the bezel punches fold the metal over the stone perfectly. If the seat for the stone is not perfect you have problems like the stone tipping to one side or the other. Works great. The set of punches I got from an inexpensive supplier….I think ‘The Finding King’ on ebay. I don’t usually recommend inexpensive tools but these have been great. I heard I can get a set like this that is nylon coated but I cannot find them. The picture with me holding the punch….you tap that with a hammer gently and check, check, check your progress.

The last pic is of a 40 inch necklace. Each disc has a gemstone cab of varying size on both sides of the disc and off centered. I can wrap this necklace around my neck three times. It shimmers and looks great from every angle. If a disc flips over there is another gemstone on that side to show off some more color.

Going to bed…..wish me well this weekend……I am ready…….


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