Thanks ~ Artstreet Great Show!

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Thank you ~ Thank You ~ Thank you to everyone that helped me with Artstreet and all the people that came to Artstreet. I got to see returning customers and got to meet a lot of new customers….so thanks. I could not do what I do without being able to sell what I make. I cannot keep and wear everything I make for myself. I would have a thousand necklaces………Thanks Everyone!

A special thanks to KT. She helps me at big shows and helps me in general when I need it at home. She is wonderful. She has better things to do….college, two jobs, half dozen boys chasing her around….Thanks KT. You know you mean a lot to me.

One of the pictures is of Bob. Bob makes knives and wooden things. He gave me a list of things to do to my display booth last year. It was the best list I ever got…itemized….. It worked. Good to see him again too. Always smiling. Take care Bob and play lots of tennis after you feed your longhorn cattle???????? What????????

A new friend of mine Mary also drove up from Milwaukee. That is above and beyond! Now it’s my turn to drive to her. Thanks Mary. I was not even considering that being a possibility and there you were. Awesome. I think we are on the same page.

Next show in two weeks~ small and quiet show at Parallel 44 Winery. It’s great! Romantic date if you can bring someone with you. The vinyard is dripping with grapes. The hills are rolling. The music is playing. The wine is pouring. Only 20 artists at this event…..super sweet and subtle. Super enjoyable. Parallel 44 Winery is 12 miles east of Green Bay just off Hwy 29 on Sleepy Hollow Rd (it only turns to the south) Come and relax and soak in the scenery.

Thanks again everyone 😉 joy


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