Shop is a Wreck ~ Parallel 44 Winery Show Saturday

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Well, my shop is as wrecked as it gets. That is what summer and shows do to the shop……got everything going on all at once.

I included a picture of a stone on a 3×5 note card. I was reading one of the metalsmithing magazines and every featured artist was asked how sketching helped them or not. I sketch almost everything. I was surprised to read that others do not. Some sketches become nothing at all. Some change drastically in the fabrication process and some stay true to the finished design but all in all I like to have a sketch. I usually cut my sketch apart with a pair of scissors and even place the pieces of paper on metal to see if I really like it. Then I rubber cement the designs to the metal and cut them out with a saw. Another artist I know makes a template of each design with cardboard and she actually takes the time to make a mock-up of her stone in polymer clay to fit in her cardboard model. This is brilliant but I am not that patient and sometimes I like a design better when it turns out differently than I planned ~ a surprise.

I also included two of my favorite signs in my shop. They are mascots and keep me smiling. Included some new work and some work in progress. The pendants photographed unfinished I finished today but did not get a chance to take pics yet of them done. Love them both. Love Kyanite. What a great stone.

Got a show at Parallel 44 Winery this Saturday from 11-6. It’s a beautiful place if you can stop in. It is 15 minutes East of Green Bay just off Hwy 29 on Sleepy Hollow Rd. There is rolling hills of grapes, wine, music and only 20 artist. Very cozy.

Have some ripe grapes of my own in the garden. They are like eating jam they are soooo sweet. Wish me luck Saturday and maybe see you there.




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3 responses to “Shop is a Wreck ~ Parallel 44 Winery Show Saturday

  • Julie Brown

    My studio looks just the same. Might actually be worse ! Taking part in regular shows definitely throws a wrench in one’s regular routine. They ate fun to do, though.
    I rarely sketch out my designs, or if I do they are very simple, not too detailed. One exception is when I am working with a lot of expensive materials. Then I dot every i and cross every t.
    Thanks for giving us a behind the scenes look at your studio.

  • Ariane

    I sketch/plan every design – things nearly always change in the making process which can be wonderful and frustrating – ah sure that’s all a part of it.

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