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Did not post this necklace completed. I love it. I love how serious it is and that was my intention. This necklace is named ‘Collect My Sorrows.’ It is a kyanite stone. The chain has a few barbed-wire wrapped links going up it for a total of 20 inches/adjustable.

I don’t normally comment on personal things on my blog but I really feel the need to today. My Mother is having surgery tomorrow and if you pray please say a prayer for her. Her name is Judy. She is normally a pretty healthy lady and was having a hard time catching her breath throughout the summer. The doctors discovered she has lung cancer. She has never smoked and never been exposed to second-hand smoke so we are shocked to say the least. She will be getting half of her right lung removed tomorrow at 7:30am. So, start praying early.

God Bless and all you jewelers out there wear your mask and have your ventilation blowing when you solder. Jewelers have a high incidence of throat cancer. I am such a nerd but use your safety equipment. It’s cheap and it’s worth it.

Keep Ya posted ~ Joy


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