ArtStudio Tour Wrap Up

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ArtStudio Tour was really great! Every person that came was wonderful, beautiful person with something to share. Every person was thankful for us being there and showing what we do and how we do it. Really Really cool weekend!!!!! We had awesome weather on our side to boot! We even had a couple stop back the next day and play some music for us on the lawn to add to the beautiful day. Thanks! Just amazing talented woman.

My host Kim is a glass artist. Her studio is Lady Bug Glass. I was a squatter on her property – in her green house actually which is commercial grade. (I can’t invite the public to my studio-bummer.) It was great. I sat and made a chain which I will finish up today. All of the balled up headpins were made by other people including my own children. I use those for earrings and embellishments….now I have a nice stock of them. The other pics are of my make shift work table and supplies. The pic of myself my daughter took πŸ˜‰ Hello……

New work is in progress for Christmas time… I know Christmas????? time?????? Wow, really….

Booked a Metals Class at Peninsula School of Art Feb 11th, Saturday. We can make anything you want but we only have one day. Be back soon with some tutorials. Just started working on them.

πŸ˜‰ joy



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