Making S Clasp

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This post is a detailed post on mass making an ‘S’ clasp.

I like the ‘S’ clasp for a couple of reasons: it’s really easy to use even if you have poor eyes and aging hands, strong, adjustable on a chain in both directions…. When operated properly I have never had one break. They need to be pushed open ‘Side to Side’ and then ‘Wiggled’ closed nice and tight. I actually had a little card made with a photo on it and directions on it for the clasp ‘directions’ so that when I sell a chain to someone I have never met in person they can see how it works.

1.Cut a pile of 16 gauge round wire in 60mm lengths

2.Bend the wire in an ‘S’ shape as you like…..Their is a photo of the pilers I use but you can use a wooden dowel or even a pen to make the round shape. You can also file the ends of the wire to a point for a different look.

3.Roll the clasp through a rolling mill just enough to flatten the ‘S’ a little bit. You don’t want to squish them down too much or they lose their thickness and strength.

4.Anneal the clasps to a dull red with a torch and quench.


6.Reshape ‘S’. The rolling mill deforms the ‘S’ shape slightly so reshape it so the ‘S’ closes on to itself.

7.Put them on a stainless steel wire and toss in a tumbler for a couple hours until shiny.

Now you have a pile of clasps ready for any necklace or bracelet. You can even use the ‘S’ shape for dangling earrings.


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