Make Your Own Chandelier Finding

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These Chandelier Earring Findings are fun, fast and easy to make. They in turn make for beautiful, elegant, feminine Chandelier Earrings. You can make them very small or very big. When you cut your wire just make sure to cut the same lengths for a ‘pair.’ The largest ‘U’ shape I started with about 3 inches of 20g square sterling wire (you can use round too). The lower ‘U’ shape was 2.25 inches. If you notice the top ‘U’ shape the wire gets loops that face out which is where the chain is inserted. The bottom smaller ‘U’ shape the loops are turned back and attach to the larger ‘U.’ The chain at the top attaches to the ear wire and make sure that the links in the chain are an odd number. This gives you an extra link which is the center point with an even number of links going down each side. This earring has 7 links of chain holding it in suspension. The center chain is a separate piece of 5 links. You can alter all of this to make these earrings smaller. Not sure you would want to make them bigger.

The photo of the finished pair is horrible ~ so sorry….. Just could not capture the labradorite stones ‘light’ in both pairs of earrings at the same time. I will work on that. In the mean time try this design out. It has lots of possibilities.


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