I Like This Even Better

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This is different than the last band. It is again sterling silver to be used as a mock up for the customer. I like it even better. It’s curvy and it fits the design of the other ring better. I even like it with no sapphires on it at all. We will see what the bride to be likes. I think she will like this better too. If you are a metalsmith…when you look at the ring it is assembled in four separate tiny parts that are all fit together meticulously. Crazy huh 😉 Each curve is separate: 3 curves and then the ring shank going around the bottom. Gotta have steady hands and eyeballs to do it as well as file, file, file tiny little parts. No wonder they invented wax for carving….easier in wax and if you mess up a wax carving it doesn’t matter – it’s not gold.


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3 responses to “I Like This Even Better

  • Ariane

    I was looking at the last post and thinking wow, you’re a bit mad because that interweaving looked hard. I really like this new band – personally I prefer either band without the stones – I kinda think they compete with the beauty of the engagement ring instead of complementing it – but that a very personal choice.

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Guess What!!! The Bride has the same thinking and so do I and so do you!!! No stones, just the band. The perfect carat Sapphire says it all. It does not need a side show act. I love it without any stones and that is the Brides choice too 😉

  • Marion Gainer

    Not sure what I did with the comment on the previous ring??? It is beautiful!!! This one, though, LOVE it!!! Beautiful curves, just beautiful!!! Marion :~}

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