These are my rocks. Had a good customer want a specific rock so she wanted to see them all. Here they are. Do you think I can get them all set by summer? HA HA HA HA HA, seriously that would be a great goal. I will give it my best shot but sometimes it takes a while for an idea to form for a stone that you really love, like the blackheart stone. It sat for 4 years without a plan. I am still working on that chain and will hopefully have it finished sometime on Monday. TGIF!


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4 responses to “Stones

  • Ariane

    Drool … some of those are amazing! Also I’d be in awe if you managed to set them all by summer.

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Drool is right! Awesome stones… I am a rock hound! If I got these all done by summer I would be in awe too. I won’t but I will try.

  • Janell

    You are really tempting me by showing these rocks! So many beautiful things waiting to become treasures. I am hoping you will be back at the Neenah Art Fair this summer-I met you there and purchased one of your silver bauble bracelets. I love it and wear it frequently to much admiration. I am retiring in June and would love to consider one of your lovely pendants as a ‘farewell’ to one chapter of my life gift to myself!!!

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Thank You Thank You!!!! I might be at the Neenah show and might not be. I will know in two weeks after jurying and all of my show dates! Keep you posted!

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