Rox’s Pendant

This is Roxanne’s Pendant. The original piece is the center and it’s moves freely over the back piece. It was boulder opals she got on vacation. She wanted a larger ‘back plate’ added to the piece to make it more dramatic. She has not seen it yet and I know her pretty well, so I hope she loves it. I think this is what she was looking for. Something different, fun, contemporary and that would stand out and not be so plain and simple. Let me know what you think Rox and let me know if you want it oxidized – darkened? or Aged? The back plate is attached with a jump ring to the bail of the original pendant. I could not really mess around with removing the opals from the original setting. They are way to fragile to even think about removing. Don’t need to break a sentimental piece, just need to find a way to work around it.


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One response to “Rox’s Pendant

  • roxannnys

    Stunning, Joy, simply stunning! Everything I hoped for and even more. 🙂 I really love the movement aspect of it! Now I need to task you with a chain for it, but I’ll have to come out and discuss that with you–not sure if a longer or shorter one would work best for me and the necklace. I’ll give you a call during my lunch break (around noon) and set up a time to come out for a visit. THANK YOU!!

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