Beautiful Structural

Just had to put these pics in of two different stainless steel welding projects. This first picture is a stainless steel vase of flowers. It’s amazing and I took several pictures of it  but you have to see it up close to really appreciate it. It’s two stories tall. It has stainless steel bees on several of the flowers. Just the base of the sculpture weighs 1500 pounds. It was installed in several sections at the gallery I display in: The Flying Pig gallery in Algoma WI. The creator is a guy named Jeff Greening from Green Bay WI. He made two of these vases to be like pillars at an entrance. Amazing and beautiful and wow, really awesome!

This picture is of a stainless steel pool. Hmmm why a stainless steel pool? Well, you have probably swam in one at sometime or another and don’t even know it. This pool will get tiled. It’s on a roof top in Far RockAway Queens New York. Again the details to this structure are amazing as well. Beneath this pool and the on the sides of this pool are hundreds of pieces of steel welded together to create the frame work instead of pouring concrete. When pools are elevated the steel frame work is lighter than concrete and concrete eventually cracks and leaks. No one wants the pool leaking into their condo. This pool was made by WaterWorks construction Bill Kruse (my husband.) I will send some pics in the future of some radius pools that are true amazing because the stainless follows S curves on all the walls.

Two great examples of talent with metal and two really hard working people to make such awesome stuff. One is pretty. One is practical. Both awesome. Wish me luck this weekend. Off to Madison Audubon Art Show. Hopefully it will be fun.


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One response to “Beautiful Structural

  • roxannnys

    Wow! I didn’t know your husband did that kind of work. I never knew that rooftop pools were made that way. You do learn something new every day! And I love Jeff’s sculpture–it’s really amazing! I am going to have to get out to the Flying Pig to check it out in person. Love that place.

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