Madison Show

Got home from Madison last night. I learned a lot at this show. Funny how you know things about yourself and it takes something like this show to just verify it. I really like being outside and I am an outside kind of person. I really missed being outside at this show. I had not ever done an indoor show and it really changes everything. I missed the elements, the noises, the breeze, the festival atmosphere of being outside. Nothing to do with the show itself…. I just did not really like being indoors.

I did learn that the ‘Square’ credit card payment app on my iPad is awesome. Worked like magic… not kindling… magic. The people loved it too. They were instantly emailed a detail receipt with my photo and logo on it. It also has a feature to text the receipt to their cell phone number. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Took two seconds to check a person out and send them their receipt.

Also my indoor sign and booth set up was awesome. Very dynamic looking on a corner. At this show it stole the show hands down. That is really rewarding because I have worked really hard on my display being original and completely handmade by me. Had a computer software company want me to make them a sign out of barn wood like my sign. I declined the offer but gave them detailed instructions on how to make their own in a similar fashion. It was for a some special room in their building with a theme to it….

Good to be home and looking forward to doing an outdoor show in the sun shine.


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