Art Show Crazy Weather

Wow, nice black sky! This was the sky at 8am on Sunday and here are some of the tents that made it through the night and the following picture are some of the tents that did not make it through the night. There were several tents that looked like this one and after the breezy day there were several more. I saw a few people breaking the legs up of their tents and putting them in the garbage. I saw one tent actually tumble over and hit a man – he was ok….It rained like this until about 10:30am. After that the day was fine but very windy. You just never know especially when you are near a big body of water… it seems to escalate the weather.Besides the crazy weather it was a great weekend. Sold several large pieces and acquired a handful of new customers that will be regulars! A Big Thank you to those people! Saturday the show was very busy and Sunday after the rain was gone I had steady traffic of customers until after the show was over. I also won a ribbon and some prize money. My kids had a blast on the beach, playground and playing tennis. I think they were in my tent helping me for a total of 10 minutes the entire time. Would have been a stellar weekend with no storm. However, if you are going to do a show that you leave you tent up over night buy a really good tent: Trimline or Light Dome. Yes, they are $1000. It’s worth every cent. I had a glass blower next to me. If my tent lands on their tent I would break everything they have. Also get insurance. If you cannot afford it for the entire year just get liability coverage for your shows…. it’s really cheap!


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One response to “Art Show Crazy Weather

  • Roxann Nys

    Congrats on the prize and for weathering the storm! Yikes! I am sorry I didn’t make it up to see you. Just one more week before my surgery and still a fair amount to do before my plant sale. It’s good therapy, though, and keeps my mind busy! I hope to be good to go for your embellished chain class at the Flying Pig. Also, I’ve worn my necklace 3 times now and have gotten many compliments-some from complete strangers. I need to get some of your business cards to hand out! 🙂

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