Red Sonora Sunrise Stone & Sea Urchins


Just made this week: Modern Kinetic Necklace: Interesting, Moving, Colorful, Sculptural….Really Fun to make!

Here is the link:

Also Sea Urchin Spine Fossil Necklace: No Sea Urchins Were Harmed In The Making Of This Necklace…. Spines are found washed up on the beach as fossils.

I have several of these Spine Fossils…Big and Small with Color and Texture. I don’t think they will sell well online because the picture does not do them justice. When you hold it in your hand they are amazing! The Spine is like a stone pencil.

Last picture is of my letter charms. I make the letters of the alphabet for initials and often add birthstones for ‘Mother’s’ necklace, etc… Well I make them out of fine silver, a product called PMC. I make about 20 of each letter at a time, except X,Y, Z, U and W – I only make a couple of those. Here they are… 300 letters in a dish. I have to solder closed every single jump ring. Happy soldering!!!!! Good thing I love it! It’s hypnotic for me.


Isn’t fine silver pretty…. so white! These are not even close to being done after I solder all the rings closed… They have to be darkened  so you can see the letters, tumbled in grit for a few hours so you get a high definition to the raised area and then tumbled in stainless steel shot overnight to get this high shine back again with the letters being dark. Wow, huh!

The Business End of Things: Why do I make these??? They are not ‘Art’and I love making what I want to make….WELL…..People really love them. (I love people – nurse, remember.) They are sentimental and a price that is a gift giving price (20$ each with birthstone.) These will be almost all gone by Christmas. It takes me one day to make them…the entire day: 300×20$= you do the math. Gotta stay in business not only making what I want to make but providing a product that is quality handmade, affordable, and sentimental. That’s jewelry  and business, and customer service all in one simply sweet item.

Everyone have a great weekend. Two weeks to ArtStreet!


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7 responses to “Red Sonora Sunrise Stone & Sea Urchins

  • Melissa Muir

    I love these pieces. That is also really interesting to know about the process of the letter charms. One of these days I will find a bread and butter item too. 🙂


    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Yes, it’s hard to do it all and find those things that people really like, make you money and don’t take forever to make so you can keep the price down. Sometimes it’s a fluke…luck to find it. I really have been thinking all summer long about priorities. I can’t do it all. I am struggling with what’s more important and what do I love to do and what can I handle. I am going to have to sit down and put it on paper and get a handle on it…. Kids going back to school will really help.

  • Roxann Nys

    Bread and butter is what it’s all about, Joy! Gotta have it… I think the charms ARE art…creative, not your run of the mill item. Yes, you can mass produce them, but isn’t that what artists do when they make prints? Where/how do you add the birthstone? I’ve never seen the finished product, so would appreciate a pic of the finished product. See you at Art Street!

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Roxann you are so supportive! Thank you! See you at ArtStreet #61 at the end of Pine Street. Have time to hang around so we can talk a bit!

  • Andrea O'Dell

    Yikes.. definitely a lot of work with all that soldering. It’s great that they sell so well, but I understand wanting to do what you love instead of what sells. I’m a metalsmith who is just starting my business (slowly buying tools, etc) and I’ve already been surprised by what people are attracted to. But in the end I want to spend most of my time doing what makes me happy – otherwise doesn’t it end up being too much like any other job? I think the letter charms are absolutely adorable though and I can see why people like them. AND if it only takes you a day, then good for you! Seems like you have the best of both worlds 🙂

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Always some kind of crazy balance between having a business and doing what you love at the same time. I love working with metal so I am ok with making things that don’t always please me. I do love making people happy so maybe that is part of it? What I really hate doing is my book work. Now that is like work! No best of both worlds there! Keeping the books…what a pain.

      • Andrea O'Dell

        So true. I don’t have too much bookkeeping yet, but I can already tell I’m not going to like it! I always tell myself I’m going to keep up with it… but it ends up filed away and I don’t see it until a few months later lol. I’m loving your blog btw – in case you can’t tell 🙂 It’s very inspiring and helpful to see someone who has already built a successful business!

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