Last Weekend of Summer


Spent the last weekend of summer at Picture Rock National Park in Michigan. This park is located 3.5 hours North of Green Bay WI. It was beautiful. I cannot believe I had never been there when it’s such a short drive from where I live. I hope you enjoy the following pics!


This park is on the shores of Lake Superior in what is called the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. What a gem! We hiked 10 miles one day and this is a view off one of the trails. The beaches you hike in to are amazing because hardly anyone is willing to hike into them. The hike we took is great for kids over 6 or 7 and adults under 80 in good health. Other trails in the park are more accessible to everyone but you don’t get to see what we saw on those easy trails.


This picture is from the boat tour which is a must. You see the entire trail we hiked from a boat out in the water. The sunset cruise is great because the sunsets on the rocks. Amazing place we will go back!!!!!!

Kids went to school today. I got done this morning what I would usually get done in about three days during summer vacation. If you have been waiting for a repair it will quickly be on it’s way to you!

Here comes fall…my favorite time of year.


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