Bunch of New and a Friends Ring for Sale



This is a friend of mines ring that is for sale. It is 14K White and Yellow Gold. I cannot sell it on my website because I did not make it. My friend traded in a bunch of gold and we could just not scrap this amazing ring. It’s obviously puzzle pieces and they fit just perfectly together but do not come apart. Asking $600…(almost identical ring on Amazon.com is 1300$) it’s a size 8.5 and could be sized up one size or maybe two. I cannot size it smaller.


Here are some other things I have been creating over the past week. Been busy in the shop making making making for Christmas. Had the first of several custom orders come in today for Christmas presents, Yippeeee!!!! Love Christmas because I make so many cool sentimental gifts for people to surprise loved ones with. Being a jeweler at Christmas time is like being Santa Clause. None of the rest of you are even remotely interested in thinking about Christmas I know! but I gotta! It’s the busiest time of the year.





Wish this ring fit me… would buy it for myself! Merry Christmas to me then….  but alas it does not fit me…. will have to find a happy home elsewhere.


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