Not What I Expected

Had pretty dismal show this past weekend. It was a 99.9% craft item show which I don’t fit into at all. I will say that I am glad I choose the school over the resort in Kohler Wisconsin. There are two Holiday shows: one at a Five Star Resort and one at a school on the same block. You can walk to both or take a shuttle to either.

I was accepted into the Resort’s show but it’s 3 full days and I decided that was too hard for me to do with my family. It is also $750 for a 10×12 space. That is really high as far as show fees go. So, I choose the school and it was very inexpensive and they were very helpful and organized and decorated beautifully but not my venue.

Kudos to the school as they did not have anyone there re-selling items made in China. My hats off to the volunteers that jury the schools show. It is craft but everyone there made their own items at their booth and it was a nice show.

Well, I wanted to know what was going on at the ‘Big’ money show. I was shocked. Several booths were 100% resale from China. It made me angry. Artists work so hard….don’t they get it? So, I won’t go back to that town and I would never recommend anyone going there even to shop. The Resort should be ashamed of themselves. The photo is of one booth full of costume jewelry, trays and trays and trays, even stacked under the table of chrome plated jewelry – all $3 -20$. This is at a supposedly high end Christmas show. (I rubbed out the lettering and faces as to not embarrass anyone.) Wow. I could not believe it. Two spots down is an actual artist trying sell jewelry she has put her heart and soul into…..


That’s my rant. Had to be honest. Had a great sales weekend on my computer so thanks internet. Next Holiday Show I will stay home and work in my jammies.

Necklace finished this week….


This is a fossilized Mastodon Tooth, Desert Druzy, Smoky Topaz and Sterling Silver. It’s about 6 inches in length… huge ~ Very fitting for a Wild Prairie Piece.


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2 responses to “Not What I Expected

  • Chelle'

    That’s why I dont do shows any longer, Joy….so sorry. The necklace is stunning !!! happy Thanksgiving

  • Ginger Davis Allman

    Exactly. I won’t do shows either. Most shows seem to be either low end craft shows with really low prices and so many hopeful crafters trying their best…or high dollar events where they don’t enforce any handmade policy whatsoever. We have a couple of great community street fairs here that DO have both high end and enforce a standard, but from what I can see the attendees aren’t really there to buy. So nope. I stay home in my jammies. I do love that bracelet, though. The druzy is really incredible. But silly me, I have such a thing for blue so there’s no surprise there. 😉

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