On Fire Necklace

DSCN1956 DSCN1958 DSCN1965 DSCN1967 DSCN1971

Made this today…nice to get back to work after eating everything in site for a week. Back to the norm and it is good. It is 2013 and I have a pile of receipts/tax papers here for anyone who wants to enter them into the computer, eeekkkkkk!!!!!!!!! The paper stack is only about 6 inches tall.

I have lots to share though and will be doing so in the upcoming month. It’s time to make make make jewelry – get pics done and enter into shows – and get new marketing products made and make make make jewelry, I said that already.

I am going to go exercise off my Christmas cookies now. Looking forward to some awesome tools I just bought but they did not come to the door today. I will share them with you when they come!

New Durston Dapping Set

New Forming Block with the grooves and matching pieces to each groove

New Fretz Stake Set – big score!!! can’t wait to use that! With my Fretz hammers

New Chasing Set – the pitch, bowl, and Complete set of Chasing tools…. been wanting to do that forever and started doing it with a screwdriver and a sandbag: but that is pretty limited Chasing.

Have a great night! Happy New Year!!!! Saying Hello to 2013!!!


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5 responses to “On Fire Necklace

  • Melissa Muir

    Happy New Year. I am so excited and envious of your new tools. 🙂 I can’t wait to see them all. I love this piece. It is fantastic. I can’t wait to get my “big girl torch” back and do larger and more intricate pieces like this again. Hope you had a good workout.

  • Nanette Mickle

    What a beautiful necklace!! I just bought tools for chasing and reposse too! Look forward to chatting with you.

  • Jeanne M. Clark

    Happy New Year, Joy from Jeanne, your dad’s high-school classmate. Love your work. and congrats on the dog-tag contract…big deal, I think and what an honor. Living in Pigeon Forge, TN, I’ve been running through my mind the possibility of opening a boutique, with offering a place for artisans to sell their wares and the uniqueness of your work is just the kind of Item(s) I would like to stock with. Do you think you’d be interested if I decide to do this? It would be kind of an upscale boutique that needs unique supply and would love to have your work displayed with the express benefit of a vehicle for you selling, making money and getting Wild Prairie Silver into another venue.

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