Tiny Angel Wing, New!


These are tiny. 11mmx4mm. I made five new wings this winter and they are all finished. I even made some for guys…that is really going out on a limb. I made them from pmc and have a huge carving pile of pmc scrap. I am going to experiment with all of the metal clay shavings and see what happens. These wings are perfect for just about anyone and they are at an awesome price of $14 so I hope they are a great selling point.


This bracelet is a hinged bracelet I have been working on for about 2 weeks. It’s going to have a very interesting clasp and just the pin for the clasp is going to take me most of the day tomorrow. This is just a picture of the bracelet in the rough. The bracelet is pretty large but it’s for a man’s wrist.


You can see the pin sticking out the bottom of the bracelet in this picture. That pin is not finished yet. I had to put it down for today. I concentrated on it so long I started dropping things. When I do that it’s time to close up the studio and put my tools away.

On an awful note: It looks like Alaska here. It is snowing and blowing and freezing cold. It is March, right???? Jeez, we could use a thaw. I could use a trip to the ocean right now. Even 50-60 degrees would be awesome. Looking forward to spring. Where are you spring?


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5 responses to “Tiny Angel Wing, New!

  • nanettemic

    The pendants are really cute! When reusing the scrap, make sure there is no ‘sand’ from the sanding sticks and definitely no cat/dog hair! I have not yet figured out how do accomplish this feat! Impurities make it difficult to get and even, unblemished surface. Is the chain included in the price of the pendants? Can’t wait to see the finished bracelet.

  • Marianne Foster

    You’re the angel! I love them!

    Maybe if you wear a necklace, you can use the wings to fly to someplace warm, first class, no charge! I’ll test mine, if it works, I’ll buy you the ticket & we can play!
    “Trouble ahead, touble behind…” saw them live in San Francisco…from what I can remember! All day long concert, for that day alone I can use all the help I can get!
    The good old days…ahhhh!


  • Barb Mallon

    I want one! πŸ˜€ How do I order? Thanks!

  • Barb Mallon

    Nevermind! Found it and ordered one! πŸ™‚

  • Barb Mallon

    I LOVE mine! It’s the perfect size! Thank you! πŸ™‚

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