Ruth’s Ring

DSC_1289Just finished Ruth’s ring…. It is a wedding band of 18K Gold, 7 sapphires (she has 7 children), and sterling silver. The interior of the band reads ’22 years from tomorrow’ and ‘I love you more…’ The band spin freely on the ring. The following picture is of Steve’s ring. The man behind the plan….


Steve’s ring is 5 bands of 18K Gold that spin freely on the band. His ring also reads ’22 years from tomorrow’ on the inside of the band. I have all the pics to follow of the making of these rings…


This is setting up the sizing of the bands….


Sapphires Ordered… Yummy!

IMG_0222 IMG_0227 IMG_0226 IMG_0225 IMG_0224

The soldering of the bands after the wording was stamped on the inside while the metal was flat.


Matching up stones and making sure they are the correct size for the tube bezel settings. Measure my gold out for the other bands…



Soldered these together—then make them round. When These rings have to fit on a spinning band I make them 3 sizes larger then the band they will spin on.


Soldering on settings






IMG_0275Bezel setting punches to set stones
IMG_0272Fit the right bezel punch to stone and tap with a mallet to curve bezel over the stone with the punch.

IMG_0273How to dome the rings….


Delivering Today! Gorgeous!


Earrings finished today too! Here’s the link:


Very cool carved jade stone bead. I bought a set of these at a bead show yesterday and made a leather ‘pull’ for my bell that is outside on my porch. It calls my kids in from the woods/river.


Happy Spring. All the snow finally melted a couple days ago. It has been a long winter. Nice to see the sun.


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20 responses to “Ruth’s Ring

  • Beth Trieloff

    Gorgeous rings, Joy! The design would also make for very unique mother’s rings for those of us who prefer something a little more special!

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      What a great idea!!! Birthstones spinning on the center band! Nice and contemporary Mother’s Ring!!! Awesome!

  • roxannnys

    Fabulous rings, Joy! I agree…the mother’s ring idea is excellent. Something so special and yet so unique. The traditional ones are so ho-hum… Thanks for showing us the steps–I find it fascinating!

  • Roni Unger

    Magnificent and what a great husband to come up with the idea!!!

  • Barb Mallon

    Oh these are beautiful! Spinners are my favorite ring to make, but I have the hardest time getting the sizing perfect, so I always have massive anxiety before starting. LOL! Do you use a formula? Thanks!

  • taylorwelty

    that is beautiful, btw Bell is great idea ! Loveya pops

  • Georgia Ladwig

    OMG – unbelievably Beautiful. You do such fantastic pieces.



  • Holli Kammer

    OMG Joy, Ruth’s Ring is magnificent. You do wonderful work. I hope to be able to afford you someday.

  • Nanette Mickle

    WOW! stunning! Thanks for showing the steps. I have often wondered about purchasing the bezel setting kit but still cannot figure out how it works!

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Nanette – The largest problem with setting stones is altering the bezel setting to accommodate the stone. Stones are all different…even if they are all 3mm stones with 3mm settings you will have to alter the setting in some way to make the stone fit- the depth of the setting, etc… When the stone fits the setting perfectly doing the rest is much easier. You need this bezel setting punch set as well as burs, a small drill press… I will send some pics! 🙂 Gerry Lewy is a Master Diamond setter in Toronto Canada he is coming to teach stone setting in Green Bay sometime this summer or fall. I will let you know when! I can’t wait to be the first student to sign up. Stone setting is a craft all it’s own!

  • Barb Mallon

    Here’s a question! (if you don’t mind…) I’ve always used dapping punches to make my spinners, but I use one directly on a steel block, then I turn it over and do the same on the other side, etc. Sometimes, one side of my rings are more smooched/flared than the other side… sometimes really badly. When I saw your post, I immediately purchased another same sized dapping punch to use as you did… with two. I tried this technique tonight and still had one ring uneven, so I had to re-hammer out and start again. Does this ever happen to you? I rotate the ring, hold it still, etc. Grrrrr. Do you use a certain sized dapping punch?

  • Panamenya Panamenya

    When you flared the rings, how did they maintain the same size? Did the size get altered a bit? How do they fit the customers? The inner part of the ring is the size of the finger, so the flared part is slightly larger, yes?

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Great questions… When I go to make the rings I make them a half size smaller than the size I actually want them to be. Flaring them increases their size slightly. I also as make two or three at a time and sell the others… as sometimes the flaring doesn’t go well. The flaring is larger and actually never touches the finger at all.

  • Jacqueline

    Stunning spinning ring, can you create it with (lab) facet cut mixed gem stones with the addition of hearts? I’m looking for a Silver Wedding ring, thanks 🙂

  • Kim Hazlett

    This ring is beautiful. Can you make it with diamonds? Also, would it be good for an everyday ring for someone who gardens, etc.

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Yep, I can make this ring with diamonds. It would be beautiful!!!!!!! No ring is really good to wear in the garden. Dirt really wears jewelry out fast. A spinning ring is prone for repair because you have moving parts. The more durable metal you use the better but this ring would not be a ring I would ever garden in. I do not garden in my fine jewelry because I know how hard it is on it… even just a plain gold band takes a beating. Platinum would hold up very well as it’s very strong along with non precious metals like stainless, titanium or tungsten. Hope this helps….

  • Kate Roessler

    what do you charge for a ring like that I only have 4 kids

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      It just depends on the stones??? The ring shown was $325…. I did one with a diamond in it, well, just the diamond was $600… it’s the stones that create the varying price tag. Let me know the months needed and then I can better guesstimate.

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