Great Show Crazy Turkey



Great show! Thank You Sturgeon Bay for another great year and wonderful people. I met some new customers that really surprised me. Mostly a man named Clarence. He is a retired Chicago School Principle. I am so glad I got to talk to him and his wife. Two beautiful people inside and out. In the picture above is my daughter and a family friend. I am taking the picture. On the left is my son in the maroon sweatshirt. He had a great time fishing and swimming in the Bay of Green Bay with his cellphone in his pocket, hmmmm…. that phone went to the graveyard for phones. Got a new one yesterday and now he has some hours to work to earn the money back from the phone.


This is what you do when you are tired at a show. This is Sunday afternoon at about 3pm… only an hour of show left. Kids played their hearts out in the park the show was in. Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay is great. We visit there often in the summer because they have such a nice clean, quiet beach.


Had such a good show that I purchased this feather from another artist. His name is Herb Johnson. I have been wanting one of his feathers for about three years. He is a great guy and makes amazing metal sculptures. You can google: herb johnson metalsmith and he comes right up… He is from Hartford WI.

Biblical Verse Reads:



This is the view outside of my studio right now. Glad to see winter is over and spring has sprung. I will soon be moving some of my workbench outside.


This turkey showed up at our house a few days ago. It’s crazy. It won’t leave. It is not scared of anything. Eats out of your hand. The only thing I can figure is that it is a pet. It is sure to be coyote food in no time, unfortunately….


This is one of four kits I will have at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee next week. I am pretty much ready for it. Just finishing up some custom pieces to take with me. If you want to see all the kits they are at:    They are listed under DIY Jewelry Kits in my supply shop.


This is a custom angel wing bracelet I just made for a graduating student. Sweet, loved it myself. I hope she does too.


I told you this is one crazy turkey…….    on my porch, seriously.


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