She Doesn’t Wear Jewelry…

What to get your friend who is young, adventurous and retiring…. but does not wear jewelry? Hmmm… well, some ladies local to me had this great idea that is taylor made for their friend: a keychain. She only carries her phone and her keys with her. Not even a purse. This keychain is in the shape of an S for her name. She plans on traveling so we incorporated the compass and it’s visible from either side. The stones are the birthstones of herself and family. The S is made from just huge 10 Gauge sterling silver so it’s very sturdy. I also made a J keychain a while ago and the person loved it because it would hang on things like the inside of her purse so she could find her keys easily. This S is the perfect shape for that as well.

I did have to anneal the metal often for it to take shape as it’s very thick. Enjoy the pics and I hope she enjoys her retirement!




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4 responses to “She Doesn’t Wear Jewelry…

  • Fanciful Ponderings

    Super cute! Great idea and I am sure she will love it.

  • roxannnys

    What a great idea! Would also make a great necklace, I think. See you Saturday at the Flying Pig. Working on bringing a carload of Beavers! 🙂

  • alice

    that gonna brake, honey.

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Yep, I discussed this item breaking with the customer…. I think the ring on the bottom will be strong enough as it’s a 14G jumpring and the steel key ring holder will slide on to that. This keychain will dangle from the actual steel keyring. I have made one of these before and it’s in great shape after about 3 years of use. My biggest concern is the gemstone charms. I don’t give them much of a chance. I told the customer that, however, the other option was to put faceted gemstone settings on the keychain. This would have double the cost of the keychain. The gemstones are her families birthstones. I told her to give it a try and if they break I will replace them or remove them completely and put faceted set stones on the keyring. Anyway it will be an experiment and I will let you know what happens.

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