The Flying Pig


Absolutely super day at The Flying Pig Gallery. It was their 10th Anniversary and I saw more people I had not seen in a long time. It was great. Thank you so much Dawna and Roxanne for stopping out along with Amber and her sisters. Everyone there had a big smile with the band playing, iron pouring and wine pouring. What’s Not To Love!


Iron pour. 

IMG_0669Can you see me? I’m way in the background and no you really can’t see me. The only picture I have of myself is terrible. Wouldn’t want to scare you.


See I said everyone was smiling…. Love you R & S

The following pics are of Summertime in Wisconsin and new things I have made over the past couple weeks. 


And this is why we live here…..


A five year old smiles 400 times a day…. 

This frog is not smiling. He is probably terrified.



Roman Glass… Glass is 2,000 years old….



The Kewaunee River


Angels Sinners Saints Necklace: Saints/Sinners piece swivels back and forth.




West Alaska Lake Kewaunee Co. Wisconsin


Lake Michigan Cave Point Co. Park Door Co. Wisconsin


Flaming Heart Sterling Silver Ring



Goddess Earrings Adorned with White Topaz Gemstones



Chandelier Earrings Labradorite, Pearl, Chalcedony, Garnet Gemstones…. 



Pretty and Ugly all at the same time.


Summer….Enjoy… Life is short. Summer here is short. Childhood robbed by time.

Cave Point Door Co Wisconsin Hiking Lake Michigan Shoreline.

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5 responses to “The Flying Pig

  • alice

    you was all over the place on the weekend weren’t ya honey.

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      I actually went to all of these places on Wed, Thurs, and Friday. We had guests from out of town and it’s really all in very quick driving distance. Actually bicycling distance.

  • alice

    where’s them frogs at? i likes frogs. thanks honey.

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      HA!!!! They are all over the place as I live on a little river… There are frogs, toads, snakes, mudpuppies, crayfish, chubs, trout, cranes, warblers, turkeys, skunks, raccoons, beavers, bass, deer, woodpeckers, woodchucks, river otters (cutest things), coyote, apparently wolves (never seen one or heard one), apparently bears (again never seen one or heard one), aparently mountain lions (again, again never seen one thank GOD!), and many others, don’t forget cows….. 🙂

  • alice

    ohhh, them mountain lions is scary. once when i was a girl my daddy took me camping up north. i was never so scared in my whole life then i was that night. the sounds i heard. i thought for sure something was gonna eat me. my daddy didn’t seem so scared but he didn’t have the sense god gave a squirrel if you know what i mean, honey. but i made it thru the night. i sure loves me some frogs and otters.

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