Great Trip!

Just got home from a great trip. It will be one to remember for a long time. We were gone almost 2 weeks and traveled 3400 miles in my Honda Pilot that has 165,000 on it now…. Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, (briefly) Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin….. Wow!


This is the Badlands National Park. Gorgeous. We got a little lost on our way out of the park on some gravel roads but it all turned out fine. Just did not see anything for a couple hours but a long gravel road seemingly going no where. We used our atlas most of the time instead of a GPS – how refreshing. I spoke on my phone twice just to check on things at home. I checked my emails in the morning and got back to people and deleted most things. It was a nice break from technology. The kids did not play on a screen until we reached Nebraska. Sorry Nebraska but I-80 is long and uneventful.


Mt Rushmore… This is in the heart of the BlackHills also in South Dakota. We spent a few days in Hill City which I recommend as well as Custer State Park. Beautiful nature and a history of turmoil, war, outlaws, and the Sioux Indian Tribe. The wounds here are not healed. I read the story of the Massacre at Wounded Knee. I had known of it but this made it much more real to see the history in person 150 years later.



Moose and Elk seen on the roadside traveling through BigHorn National Forest Scenic Byway on the way to Yellowstone at Wyoming/South Dakota Border.




Yellowstone National Park






This was the best picture I took on our trip. I did not take an expensive camera with me and glad I did not. We did too much rough hiking, swimming and banging around for a nice camera to tolerate unless you work for National Geographic. My new camera stayed home.


One of our last hikes in Yellowstone to Emerald Lake


Next Pics are of Rocky Mountain National Park.



These pictures are from the top of the Rockies… We played in some snow and yes, it was cold and windy. In the winter the winds get to be 150mph and snow does not stay on the peaks. It just blows away. The animals that live here (yellow bellied marmots) hibernate 8 months of the year. There was an elk herd up here though. We were surprised as it seemed to be such rugged terrain compared to the valley below that is lush right now.



Almost forgot Devil’s Tower….



Good to be home after all that travel. It was great. I have very few pics of my wonderful husband. It is our 10th Anniversary today. He does not really like being photographed and does not like me posting too much personal info online like photos of myself or the kids. I can understand that and respect that. Most of my posts are jewelry related for this very reason. I would like to thank him for such and wonderful trip and to my children who enjoyed it and were just great for 3500 miles of travel in a car. We did a book of very irritating cross word puzzles. We played the license plate game and found every license plate in the US except: Rhode Island and Hawaii. I spoke with a wonderful couple from Italy and Wapiti Lodge outside of Yellowstone was great.

To my friend Roni… I have had way too many TGIF’s for 13 days straight so it’s back to work for me. I’m refreshed. My hands are rested. My mind is rested. I have a show on Sunday!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I have a show on Sunday!!!!!!!!! Neenah WI Berstrom Mahler Museum….. 125 N Park Ave. Sunday only 10-5. It’s a beautiful show in a park on the river in historic downtown Neenah. Come and check it out.



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4 responses to “Great Trip!

  • Roni Unger

    What a beautiful country we have!!! This will be a trip you will always remember!!! (and so will your children)

  • Marion Gainer


    What a wonderful post…my husband and I both enjoyed your pictures!!! Glad that you all had a wonderful time and and are back safely!!! Have a WONDERFUL ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

    Marion :~} Uniquely Designed Hand Crafted Jewelry…One Piece At A Time This Is Where…”every drop counts.”

    “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

    “Life is short…be excited!!!” G G Lucas

  • Roxann

    Great photos, Joy! Looking forward to taking a very similar trip next summer with my grandnephew. It was supposed to happen last summer and then this summer, but my health issues kept getting in the way! There is now light at the end of that tunnel, thank goodness, so I look forward to talking with you more about your trip. I’m looking forward to some good advice. Thanks so much for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joan Conley

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pictures! Have you thought about taking up photography? Kids sure have grown! Funny, I kept thinking, where’s the ‘whole family’ pictures?
    Then I read your explanation about Bills’ wishes. Tell him Joan says ‘lighten up’. Ha ha. In any case. Good to see you, even if only on here. Take care. Enjoy each day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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