Bummer…Is Summer Over? Last Big Show


Summer is sure seeming to be coming to a close. I love this time of year but it’s hard to see Summer go… Last big show of the year, ArtStreet, Green Bay WI kinda of marks Summer’s end. After that kids go back to school and the leaves start to fall to the ground. The inevitable ‘White Death’ will be to follow (Winter.)

All of the pics are of things I made for the show. They are not posted on Etsy for sale. If you would like to purchase one of them let me know and I will post it for you on Friday morning.


This stone bracelet is a first. I have never made a bracelet with a stone set in it. The stone setting is curved and fits perfectly so the stone does not swing around to the underside of your wrist. The chain is completely handmade. I even rolled out the wire from a poured ingot. It’s a beautiful heavy, sturdy piece of jewelry, like a bracelet needs to be.



The Skull Ring…. I like skulls. I will probably always use skulls in my work. This ring is huge. Picture does not do it justice. The stone was carved just for me and I have a few of them.


Ocean Jasper and Peridot… Great Summer Color!




Roxanne these are your earrings!!!!!!!!! I hope you love your Tammy Rae Glass! It’s awesome!! I am crying because I used my last piece of Tammy Rae Glass today. I’m in luck as I will see her at ArtStreet. She will fix me up with more gorgeous Boro Glass.


That’s it…. See you this weekend #162 corner of Cherry and Adams St. I will take some great pics of the event and the booth. It starts tomorrow at 5pm which is really weird for me not to get up at 4am to set up for a show. Looking forward to it… always great to see good friends.


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One response to “Bummer…Is Summer Over? Last Big Show

  • tenor1962

    Hey Joy!! Love the new pendant in this blog. I am going to be at ArtStreet for the preview tomorrow at around 5pm. I am going to stop and see you. This piece needs to be added to my collection to accent the beautiful Chrysacolla pendant I just received from you. See you tomorrow.

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