Teaching A Class and Taking A Class… New News….


Just a new spin on this ring… been playing with several stones and configurations. I made a multiple stone one as well with several different gemstones on it. Fun and colorful!

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/161744052/turquoise-flaming-heart-ring-sterling


I’m teaching a class Sept 19, 20, 21st in Door Co. Wisconsin at Peninsula School of Art. The class is almost full. If you want to join us here is the info. It should be a great time. I have some returning students and we are making a different project than the photo. If you have some experience you are usually free to go your own way. Can’t wait!



I’m taking a class Nov 1, 2, 3 in Green Bay Wisconsin at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. The class is with Gerry Lewy a Master Diamond Setter from Toronto Canada. It is on diamond setting, of course. He just recently made the world’s most expensive poker chip. Wow! Diamond encrusted, amazing. If you can take this class please send me your email and I will get you the information. The class number is not available yet but it will be soon. The class will cost approximately $500 which includes a kit of tools and supplies that cost $285. It’s worth traveling to take the class. There is no home Green Bay Packers Game that weekend so getting a hotel room should be easy and reasonably priced. Again let me know if you are interested: email: joy@joykruse.com


Not yet done… working on this men’s custom order hinged bracelet. It’s massive and heavy. He is going to love it. It’s not finished but almost.


This is pencil lead. It was tip to me from another metalsmith. It does not burn and holds small parts like tubing in place for soldering. Thanks metalsmith person of unknown origin – can’t remember who taught me that!


On a personal note decided to run the Fox Cities Half Marathon. Don’t cry for me. I am use to this. It’s my favorite distance and run it often, 13.1 miles, is like heaven for me. I have run 7 full marathons. On the 6th one I said, ‘Never again.’ I ran another one with a good friend and had a blast. Now, hmmm…. should I run an 8th one??? What do you think??? It would be in May sometime around the 20th. I love running in the winter so I am giving this serious consideration. A marathon though is something that is a great undertaking. It is not the race itself. It’s the training. You have to put in the time, the miles, like stacking bales of hay in the barn. In summer you stack the mow full then in winter you hope you have enough, taking them out one by one when you need them. Every mile is a bale of hay. On race day you start throwing them down out of the haymow ~ Are you going to have enough? Are you going to run short? Or do you have plenty left over? There is no faking it.



Professional grade garden: Garden Envy! It’s my neighbors garden and she has it just perfect this year. Wow! Amazing job and she is an amazing cook besides.


Huge Cross with heavy chain links. Made the links completely by hand even pouring the ingot, rolling and drawing the wire. One of my favorite processes!

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/161744536/sterling-hammered-cross-bracelet-heavy


Last but not least I have been try to make more post earrings. It has been a frequent request. These are 10mm Freshwater Pearls, sterling silver, hinged post earrings. The swirl with the pearl swings back and forth. Nice movement, Classic style but a little different.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/161756333/pearl-hinged-post-earrings-sterling-wild

Last but not least Art Show in Fish Creek Door County September 28th 10-5. It’s only one day at the Settlement Shops right before you head into Fish Creek. Stop and say Hi if you can. It is a beautiful time of year to be in Door County. The best time of year as the fall colors will be changing then. Hope to see you soon at class or at a show!


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6 responses to “Teaching A Class and Taking A Class… New News….

  • Kay Williamson

    OH love the huge cross bracelet, gorgeous! You’re killin me! Well, all your creations are beautiful. Enjoy the upcoming classes, teaching and attending.

  • Silverwaves Jewelry

    You are damn awesome!!

    Saludos, Lissa Flemming Silverwaves Jewelry http://www.silverwaves.net info@silverwaves.net

  • Chris Kerr

    LOVELY earrings! And the cross bracelet is just beautiful~~ Wait…you run marathons?? and a half-marathon?? Wow.
    Have a blessed week, “Super Girl”!

  • Nanette Mickle

    Your jewelry is fantastic! So is your tip on using pencil leads! I do, however, have to add a bit of caution advise when using the leads. I was so excited about the advise that I experimented with them right away. The problem I ran into is that one of the leads exploded spewing little hot shards all over the place. It scared the heck out of me! I think there might have been a little air bubble in it because the other lead was fine. My advise: heat them up first to test them before using. The other thing which surprised me was how much a little tiny lead can act as a heat sink. Once I figured things out, they really are a great tool! Thanks!

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Nanette- Thank you so much for the heads up on the explosion possibility with the pencil leads. I would not have expected that! Very good to know!

  • shawn

    i heard Nancy Hamilton talk about using the leads in hinge-making. Maybe that’s where you heard it? She’s great. I’m a metalsmith too and I had never heard that tip before her.

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