Dog House Bracelet

Dog House Bracelet

Dog House Bracelet

Had a busy week with a show in Door County. What a great show. Saturday had amazing foot traffic and it was pouring rain with blowing wind…nice Wisconsin weather. Doing a show in October in Wisconsin can really bring anything and it can bring anything all in the same day. It was a really nice show in-spite of the weather. This show ‘Townline Art Fair’ has been going on for 40 years. There is no band, no food and no beer: just art. So, the people that come to the show are coming there for the artists. It was a warm welcome from all since it was my first year being there. Thanks!

THE DOG HOUSE bracelet above…. I made for two wonderful women in my life. They don’t have them yet but they will get them tomorrow. They are gifts of gratitude from me. I hope you both love them and I thank you both for being great women with great big hearts! Both are dog lovers and I cannot imagine them any other way. One of the bracelets has two tags on the end, ‘CC & Snickers’, well, those are the cats…. Can’t forget about them.

I made a tough choice this week. I will not be teaching at Bead and Button this year. My classes were accepted but only on one day. I love the show. I love teaching at Bead and  Button but I just can’t do it for one day. It’s too much. So, I am sad about that but relieved. Maybe next year and I certainly hope I did not burn any bridges there as it is an awesome venue. I will go as spectator this year and enjoy.

Why do I not want to teach one day? Why am I turning this down? Logistics……. Class was on a Tuesday from 9am – 10pm. I have a pick up truck load of equipment and have to set up on Monday night: Hotel $150 per nite. Tuesdays class, I would be in the classroom from 7am – 10pm… pack up pick up truck load of stuff because someone else needs the room I’m in. This would take until 1am or 2am in a huge convention center.: Hotel $150. Wednesday meet the teacher reception, unpack and set up as an artshow: Hotel $150. Thursday opening night of the show: Hotel $150. Go home on Friday, Hotel and parking +++$$500, gas $100min, teaching supplies for one day $1000 (students do purchase a lot of that.) And entire week lost at home in my shop actually working making pieces of jewelry —– LOGISTICS, bummer.

What’s next? Hmmm, Christmas shows….yes, Christmas shows and Christmas ordering. Wow, really it’s time to get ready to make things for Christmas. I better get my shopping done now.









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