Class Wrap Up & New Things



I am still amazed from class. The rings above are examples of what I did in class. You could say, ‘No big deal,’ pretty standard issue jewelry…but… The princess cut ~ hardest stone to set without breaking a corner off. I did it in less than a half an hour without sweating it and made perfect little places for the corners and the pavilion. The round setting… hmmm… never use a setting bur! What! Never use a setting bur, never. It’s a set up for failure and complications. I did not use one. It went perfectly in less than 15 minutes. The channel setting: less than 25 minutes: unreal for me and it’s solid as a rock, every stone. Thanks Gerry.


This is practice I have left to do. The top ring I am holding is a ‘flush’ or ‘gypsy’ set ring. I did the first two stones with caution. I went and talked to my instructor, Gerry. Perfect. Not going anywhere. I could not believe it. I actually can’t wait to set the rest of them. It was such a pleasure. How can I tell you how to do it? I can’t. You have to see him. It’s a second by second decision of troubleshooting before you get into trouble and remove too much metal and make a mistake. Big thing is stop using your burs. They are deceiving you. I thought when I went into this class I would be taking exact measurements with a digital calipers. NEVER USED THEM ONE TIME! NEVER MEASURED ANYTHING NOT EVEN ONCE. Could not believe it. The settings left over are a cluster setting: bottom right… I have done those before and they are pretty easy. The other settings are heavy bezel settings and they are easier than the gypsy setting but pretty similar in technique. I just worked on what I knew was a challenge for me and these others I know I can do easily ~ Especially now.

IMG_1633 IMG_1632

Very crude picture of Gerry’s Guiness Book of World Record Poker Chip. I got to hold it! It is a replica in plated sterling silver. He does not travel with the real thing. 17, one carat diamonds travel around the outside rim of the poker chip. The 8 is circled by pink diamonds. 22 K Pink Gold and valued at $450,000. It was fun to hold the replica. He is actually going to fill the space in by the #7 and #8 with pave set diamonds as well… must be nice to be a casino! Wow.


Made this today. It was fun. Made another zillion things today. Freezing outside. What else is there to do? Necklace reminds me of Summer! Where did it go?



How come it took me so long to put this feather sideways! I like it even better this way.



This was fun as well and little crazier. The chain attachment that you can barely see in this picture is interesting. Never seen it before myself but I am sure it exists as there are no original ideas, especially in jewelry making. The chain is attached with double pieces of tubing on a sliding piece of silver.



This is my good friend Lissa from Silver Waves Jewelry. We are out at a local Mexican Restaurant called El Sarpe. She sang beautifully in Spanish with the waitress…. What a fun night after class – many of the class students came and Gerry our instructor as well. Some of my own family members showed up too, kids and all. We had a huge table. Great food as always.

I have 50 more pictures to show you including the making of a hollow cube. I will save it until next time. See you soon in Depere Nov. 30th at East Depere High School.


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