My One and Only


My One and Only….

I really could not have enjoyed making a piece more. This necklace has everything I love ~ a huge crazy lace agate stone, a huge piece of sterling silver to capture the stone, and a handmade and hammered heavy link chain. The pictures are a joke. I can’t capture it’s weight in the pictures. I bet it weighs a pound… ha ha ha ha!!!!! Am I insane? It looks amazing worn short like a choker.


DSC_0038 DSC_0035



My One and Only Link:

DSC_0066 DSC_0116 DSC_0070

These beautiful blue Caribbean Ocean colored Chrysocolla stones are to brighten your day! Simple and sweet colorful necklaces. Links:  and



Blue Flame Azurite and Sapphire:


Crazy Lace Agate Earrings.. Link:


 This is a Roni sized necklace…. Hi Roni!!! It’s rough and rustic with little moving details and citrine gemstone accents.


Sara’s Ring: Made this ring as a custom order last week. It is a 8×6 oval diamond, white gold engagement ring with two other wedding bands. The thicker wedding band is cut out to fit the oval diamond locking it in place. The other white band is for Sara to go to work as she is a veterinarian. She wanted the engagement ring to be a brushed matte finish and look like she just dug it out of the ground. The other two rings are polished. It is hard to make a 1 carat diamond look rugged. She is wearing it now! Thanks Sara & Ben for such a great custom piece. Wedding is this summer ~ Best Wishes to them both!!!!



Need a heavy headpin? I made three hundred of these this week, jeez… someone out there is busy wire wrapping something???? Thanks for the great order from my supply shop. These work great on focal pendant beads and large hole beads, like handmade glass beads of Tammy Raes: .  I have these available in any gauge you need but 20 and 18 gauge work the best.

Super Sized Sterling Headpins Handmade:

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8 responses to “My One and Only

  • nanettemic

    Wow, you have been busy and beautifully so!

  • Roni

    Wow!! They are all beautiful. My neck hurts just looking at the first one!

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Hope your trip was great Roni!!!

      • Roni

        Trip was okay, not wonderful. My husband just had a triple bypass yesterday. Was not expected. He went in for cardiac catheterization on Friday. I assumed all would be well – had dinner reservations for Saturday and lo and behold he stayed in the hospital. He’s doing great — going to a regular room today – no ICU.

      • Wild Prairie Silver

        Just got the goosebumps Roni!!!!!!! I’m a nurse and I know how serious that is… Glad to hear he is going to a regular room and my thoughts and prayers for you both for his speedy recovery. I am glad that nothing happened in an emergency situation and glad nothing happened while you were out of the country! Thank your lucky stars with that for sure! Again, thoughts and prayers to you both.

      • Roni

        Thanks! I hate to think of him having a heart attack in Costa Rica.
        The doctor said he was a walking time bomb for a heart attack or stroke.
        So glad he knows his own body and sensed something wasn’t right.

  • Lauren

    Would you possibly do a tutorial on making these flat headpins? Please… I’ve been trying for so long to find a way to make them uniform and in bulk.

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