DIY: Nail Headpin Video

DIY: Nail Headpin Video Link:

sterling silver headpin making

Made a 3 minute quick video on how to make the nail headpins like in this earring shown in the picture above. Had a request for that, so enjoy…. if you’re interested. I have all of the supplies you need for this project in my silver supply shop… I think I have the best price on the hex anvil as well???



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7 responses to “DIY: Nail Headpin Video

  • nanettemic

    Hi Joy, The video won’t load for me. It says it can’t be found.


    Thanks so much. It’s so funny you did this. I have the ancient glass and always a bit bothered with the holes or button holes. I decided to tube rivet but the hammering is still tough on the glass. Here you bring me this after I looked at this picture for 20 minutes yesterday wondering about the work you did. Thanks. I am such a fan of your beautiful work. Glad you’re sharing and teaching a bit.

    Thank you , Susan Wachler 404-325-4584


    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Thank you so much for watching it! I’m a terrible video maker so far but it’s all good as I try… Heads up on this design with the roman glass earring. The large nail head pin slides through a hole punched in a flattened head pin behind the piece of glass. The nail head pin wraps around the wire with the hole in it and gets snipped off. The wire with the hole in it is then bent to become an ear wire. Hope this helps….

  • Chelle Rawlsky

    thanks for the tutorial , Joy…loved it

    hope you are getting through your days OK…time will make things easier Chelle’

    Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 21:24:34 +0000 To:

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Doing ok… It’s getting easier to talk about him without being sad and tearing up and instead being reminiscent and thoughtful about it. It’s still surreal though. I wish he would have made it just a little while longer. He would have loved to see his grandchildren grow up a little more. He really enjoyed them.

  • Lauren

    Fantastic! Thank you so much this was a great tip. I’ll have to pick up a hex anvil and at some point, (hopefully in the near future) a large bench anvil as well.

  • Chris Kerr

    Very clear video! I need to get a hex anvil one of these days~~ Thank you for making this how-to video.

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