egg sculptureimage

Here is the ‘Egg’… It’s a huge planter made from stainless steel that we had sitting around for about 18 years…. The planter should look beautiful for a lot of years to come. The Egg was professionally painted by an autobody shop: thank you so much to Carter’s Collision in Kewaunee WI. It’s beautiful and will withstand the elements so it can sit outside. The town has ‘Eggs’ on display all over the place. They will be auctioned off at the end of summer on Aug 23rd… with the money going to charity. My Egg is at the ‘The BlackSmith Clothing Shop’ on the edge of town.


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7 responses to “Egg…

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Oh my!!!!! I never thought of it that way!!!!!!!!!! Ouch! Heck of an omelette though…. 😀

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      I know you’re the only person in the world that cares… But I have five pairs of indigo buntings at my bird feeder right now this very second…too cool! Never seen so many before!

      • nanettemic

        OMG, I love Indigo Buntings!! Iv’e banded several females but very few males. I would kill to be you now! AND, by the way, there are plenty of bird nerds out there! We had a crazy cold spring. Today, I just captured my latest ever geolocator wearing Purple Martin. Can’t wait to see the migration map!
        On a personal note, your dad, I’m sure, is loving your egg!

  • Wild Prairie Silver

    I was just amazed at seeing so many! I usually see one or two not ten!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I will keep buying that kind of bird seed. My bird feeder this spring has been like a super highway of amazing birds and loads of them. It’s really cool! I will try and get a good picture of them all together.

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