Custom Piece

Just finished this custom piece for a great lady far far away from me… She lives in sunny California and this pendant will be on it’s way to her tomorrow. The stones were the customers own stones.

image image image

I will be heading to Bead and Button Jewelry Expo in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the end of this week. I was planning on a long weekend at the show but the stars might not align for me and a one day trip might be all I can escape for. My Grandmother is not doing well this week and it is day by day. My Grandmother is 90 years old and has Alzheimer’s. She lives with my Mother. Both wonderful woman, strong, stubborn, loyal and hard working  but my Grandmother’s good days have turned to just good moments (not even whole days) and every week I can see her fading more and more….

Hopefully the next time I post it is from Milwaukee but we will see what this week brings. …. Just wanted to leave you with one of my favorite sayings. It is so true.



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7 responses to “Custom Piece


    That’s so spectacular!!!! Design work is incredible, along with all the other metalwork!!!!

    Thank you , Susan Wachler 404-325-4584


  • nanettemic

    Wow!!! That is exquisite! The workmanship is flawless. Truly a statement piece to be handed down through the generations!

    Love, love, love the saying!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Wild Prairie Silver

    Thanks ladies so much! Nanette you would love the Bead and Button! Wish you could go! 🙂

  • Anna Stina Sandelius

    I just LOVE this! I have looked at it for a while now and I wish I had the English vocabulary and grammar to express the thoughts that come to mind and what I feel… I´ll try:

    What really amazes/impresses me is that the piece is so rich in details (the over-lapping flattened&bended rods frame, three stones where the largest is strongly patterened, all the tiny “dots”) and yet, the piece is calm and serene and even sort of minimalistic… but not at all shy… it will be seen/noticed/admired, always! I cannot stop wondering at how you succeed in combining many elements to make this impression; you are a truly gifted designer!

    (I am really happy that I signed up for e-mails; it is a treat to find your work in my mailbox [although I am a lazy “commenter”])! Thanks!

    And I wish you and your mother many, many good moments with your grandmother, to make good memories for you both.

    A question: are you the author of the saying?

    My best regards, Anna (Goteborg, Sweden)

  • Wild Prairie Silver

    Anna – You have brought me such delight in your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how big my smile is right now!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! I am not the author of the ‘poem’ and I think the author is ‘unknown’ but not sure about that? My Dad sent me this ‘poem’ and my Dad was a huge fan of art and art shows… he really tried to understand the work behind the end product and he found it kinda fascinating that artist go through such processes to complete something. He also understood that it was ‘therapy’ to many artists…. He and I would always buy something at an artshow that we would normally never buy. It was a random quest to buy something that was just original and maybe made no sense at all but just interesting. We made a rule to never even consider asking the artist to take less money and we always pay the artist in cash. It’s been a lovely journey of collection little things hand made by all walks of life and it’s wonderful to see satisfaction in the artists eyes that you appreciate and love what they have made. Anyway thank you. It means the world to me to have you comment. 🙂

    • Anna Stina Sandelius

      And now I smile… So nice to read about your and your father´s artshow habit; it´s been also mine, for several years.:)

  • nanettemic

    Anna, I don’t think you need to wish you “had the English vocabulary and grammar to express the thoughts that come to mind”. You did a great job!

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