September 11th 2001


September 11th 2001

~ I will never-never forget that day. My stomach hurts just thinking about it ~ 13 years later.  I was sitting on my living room floor watching Katie, Matt, Al and Ann on the Today Show. I was playing with my infant son on a blanket.  I don’t think I believed what I was seeing on the screen and neither did the news people themselves.  My husband was at the Denver Airport. Called him up, both of us, shocked. He left out of there in his own vehicle, thank God he had driven there to pick up his co-worker and had not been on a plane himself. My brother was downtown Chicago working for a company called ‘7’ in a huge high-rise building – the islamic offices in his building — nice. Myself or his wife could not get a hold of him. He was actually at The McCormick Center at a trade show for work. They evacuated downtown. He said he had never seen such mass exit and it was perfect and civil and amazing. He said the trains just kept coming and hauling people out. I’m tearing up thinking about it. I am not going to post too many pictures. You can look them up yourself. There is an endless stream of them, all striking, shocking, touching, horrible, unbelievable. I encourage you to do that.

Where were you? I am sure you remember.  If you care to comment and post your story of where you were please do.





This is a photo of the memorial to the people who took down the plane themselves and sacrificed their own lives. Can you imagine?


Endless waterfall at the 911 memorial ~ 2996 people lost their lives




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