On The News Tomorrow

Tune in tomorrow to Channel 5 at their live 9:20am spot…. I guess it will be me…. which is a little scary that it is live. (You can witness me being my dorky self.) The live spot is for ArtStreet which takes place in downtown Green Bay. There is art, entertainment & food all weekend long: Friday 4-8pm, Sat 10-8pm, Sun 10-4pm. I am booth #147 which is on the corner of Cherry St. next to Associated Bank. I am right by the food & beer if that is any motivation. The next few pics wrap up summer. It has been a good one…


I made a series of 10 of these necklaces… It is Manganese Dendrite on Limestone. These stones were mined in a famous mine in Germany years ago name Solenhofen. Link to this necklace: http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p377/Manganese_Dendrite_Citrine_Gemstone_Necklace_.html    I will have others listed next week. If you want a pic of each one just send me an email and I will send you some pics. email joy@joykruse.com


This was a custom order for a lady based on another one I made that was much larger. The follow picture is of how it arrived at her house.


Hmmm… ran over it ??????? This box is stuffed tight with tissue paper… inside the tissue paper is another hard jewelry box that is gift wrapped… inside that box is another bunch of tissue paper and your jewelry. The pendant in photo above was bent at a 45 degree angle ~ seriously, it’s layers of 20G metal… The customer was wonderful about it. I am making her a new pendant and filing my insurance claim with the post office. I have never had this happen before. I did go to the post office with my photos… I just needed some kind of a explanation. They said a conveyor must have eaten it…. well… then send it back me.. really… look at the box.. jeez. You can leave that at someones door step and think it’s ok? Saga over… Making another one. It was a pleasure to do, so third times a charm.


One of my favorite pieces of all summer… Ocean Jasper, Tourmaline and White Topaz…sold


This is Crazy Lace Agate and Diamond. This necklace is at The Flying Pig Gallery. It is a beauty. The pics do not do it justice. The top of the stone is a drusy and I could not seem to get that to sparkle. Link: http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p361/Crazy_Lace_Agate_Diamond_18K_Gold_and_Sterling_Silver_Necklace_Handmade_One_Of_A_Kind.html


This piece is at The Flying Pig Gallery as well. 18K Gold and Jasper. I have to make a pin based on this piece for a good customer… I am looking forward to it. Link: http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p363/Jasper_Garnet_18K_Gold_Sterling_Silver_Necklace_Handmade_One_Of_A_Kind.html


This is a piece of Coral Fossil, Garnet and Citrine. It is at:http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p373/Coral_Fossil_Necklace_Sterling_Silver_One_Of_A_Kind_.html


Lake Michigan Beach Stone Souvenir Necklace… Sold… Huge piece of sterling silver rod going right through stone… embedded Garnet… heavy, hammer, forged, handmade sterling chain. I never had so much fun 🙂 really, it was really really really really fun to make this necklace.


We got a dog. He’s great. We needed a dog. The kids needed a dog. His name is Dusty. He came from a shelter in Alabama to the shelter here in Green Bay. (I think he is german Shepard and heeler?) He has been a delight for this past week. He is silly. He does not seem to have ever been out of a caged environment. He eats frogs and bees. He has learned a lot in the last week we have had him… like not to walk through a glass door. He has learned to almost trust us and relax and be a dog.


Kids life ~ Dogs life ~ good stuff, they have no idea how loved they are… and won’t for years and years…


Diamond Accented Cross sent to Germany. Was a favorite for me… even the guy it was going to was just wonderful. I hope he is wearing it as I type this ~ It was the saying he wanted and I really loved it… ‘Being Myself… Being Confident’ – ‘Happiness & Wonders All Around…’


Lake Michigan ~ Cave Point State Park a favorite place Summer or Winter


Yeah, they buried her entirely. This is our neighbor girl. She’s fun and sweet and easy to smile… Summer could not be any better when you are twelve.

See you tomorrow on the News at 9:20 WFRV Channel 5 and at ArtStreet all weekend long #147….

Summer Is Almost Over…Enjoy…


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10 responses to “On The News Tomorrow

  • Chelle' Rawlsky

    Love love love the blog
    the dog is awesome !!! Every kid needs a pet to learn unconditional love =)
    The picture of the neighbor girl is a classic…one that should be framed in her parents home..LOL
    Good luck this weekend.
    We’ll be out there Sunday to say hi
    Happy day my dear !!!


    You will do great! If you remember, can you please bring a few of your sterling large beads, the ones you use in your signature bracelet? See you this weekend. Diana

    Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Smartphone

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Diana ~ I just went to look for the large beads and they are gone. I have made them all into bracelets. I will get more. It does take a long time for me to get them in…. Hopefully see you this weekend anyway. 🙂

  • Klkats

    Hello this is Kate deWetering in Oregon. Probably don’t remember me. Still I want to say how completely wonderful it is you are doing so well! On TV no less! Your pieces are amazing. I have only purchased earrings and findings from you. Someday I am going to make it to learning to smith too. I have so many designs in my mind and drawn! But can’t create them yet!!! Your dog sounds precious. So great you adopted him. Adopt don’t shop is my motto and I spend time and effort to further that concept all over. I’m a cat lady tho. 😻🐾🐾 I am close to your area while visiting my daughter at college. So beautiful as I never realised. Much more green! I’m in KC on Mussouri side. Thanks for sharing your good news!

    Kate d.

    Smiles, KD

  • TB

    I found you by accident and LOVED your work. So glad I signed up to follow you – great blog, great pictures, great jewelry. Thanks!

  • Karen Martin

    Hey girl! Your work is fabulous and I was completely drooling over it and then I got to your dog picture 🙂 I am from Dothan Alabama which is about as deep south as you can get and our local shelter transports dogs monthly to the northern areas. My best friend rescued me when I went to visit the Dothan Animal Shelter, and after months of hard work has gone from a scared unsocialized dog to a certified therapy dog who is changed my life. Bless you and your family for adopting that baby and I hope he continues to do well. It would be awesome to know if he came from our shelter. (Small chance, I know)
    Thank you for sharing your work, it is inspiring and your family is precious. God bless you all.

  • Tamara Culp

    The first two pieces are two of my all time favorites. Beautiful work and I love reading your posts. Thanks for keeping me inspired.

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