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The Flying Pig


Absolutely super day at The Flying Pig Gallery. It was their 10th Anniversary and I saw more people I had not seen in a long time. It was great. Thank you so much Dawna and Roxanne for stopping out along with Amber and her sisters. Everyone there had a big smile with the band playing, iron pouring and wine pouring. What’s Not To Love!


Iron pour. 

IMG_0669Can you see me? I’m way in the background and no you really can’t see me. The only picture I have of myself is terrible. Wouldn’t want to scare you.


See I said everyone was smiling…. Love you R & S

The following pics are of Summertime in Wisconsin and new things I have made over the past couple weeks. 


And this is why we live here…..


A five year old smiles 400 times a day…. 

This frog is not smiling. He is probably terrified.



Roman Glass… Glass is 2,000 years old….

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/155037288/ancient-roman-glass-necklace-sterling


The Kewaunee River


Angels Sinners Saints Necklace: Saints/Sinners piece swivels back and forth.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/155516900/flaming-heart-necklace-angels-sinners



West Alaska Lake Kewaunee Co. Wisconsin


Lake Michigan Cave Point Co. Park Door Co. Wisconsin


Flaming Heart Sterling Silver Ring

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/155517584/flaming-heart-ring-sterling-silver


Goddess Earrings Adorned with White Topaz Gemstones

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/155517316/goddess-earrings-sterling-silver-white


Chandelier Earrings Labradorite, Pearl, Chalcedony, Garnet Gemstones…. 

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/155521661/sterling-silver-gemstone-earrings


Pretty and Ugly all at the same time.


Summer….Enjoy… Life is short. Summer here is short. Childhood robbed by time.

Cave Point Door Co Wisconsin Hiking Lake Michigan Shoreline.

Event the 29th and Terri’s Ring


Come to this and have a great time! I’ll be there torching weather permitting. Lots of other artists too. Can’t wait to make an iron tile. We are carving ours at home right now. I’ll show you that later.


This ring will be a spinner ring. The center band is an older diamond ring of the customers. The side bands I made from melted down gold ingots that i showed the other day. I rolled the ingots in my rolling mill to make nice, perfect square ring stock from her melted down gold. It’s always amazing how perfectly gold works. No wonder people have been creating with it for thousands of years.

This ring is a sweet little number from Dryhead Agate…love the stone and its pink feminine hues.

Last but not least…. Wavelite Specimen Stone Necklace…. Beautiful green, textured surface.
Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/154344736/wavelite-specimen-stone-sterling-silver


Snow Fall…



Beautiful snow fall at Wild Prairie Silver!!! Getting ready for Christmas with everyone’s custom orders. I have a lot of fabrication pics to share with you after I get done with the busy Christmas rush.

One project that is unusual is the setting of 7 Bear Claws…. Very manly pendants which I’m not use to making but they turned out just great! I’ll have a series on how those were made.

Hope everyone is enjoying the festive holiday spirit ~ I am more so now that it snowed!

Workin’ At Tammy Rae’s Studio

Had a play day at Tammy Rae Glass Studio yesterday. What a great time! Thanks Tammy for sharing your studio with me! It was myself, Tammy, her daughters, a charming dog, Tammy’s charming husband and a brief moonlighting from their cat named Blue.

Tammy’s torch is for boro glass…which is Pyrex glass. The torch reaches amazing temps and its huge!


This is a pic of a ring her daughter was working on…. It is a roman ring and we have it stabilized with two graphite rods.



Last pic is of all of us…. What a great day! Can’t wait to do it again!


Door County Day

Great day enjoying Door County. Amazing art. Good food. Good company.


Gate To Nowhere….



Kids and Self… Thanks nice stranger for taking our picture..

Last pictures master gardeners garden… Awesome!






I did not have time to take this side trip today but glad I did. When do we ever have time? My children get to see amazing things they don’t yet appreciate but will someday. I see things I love, don’t love, aspire to do, wonder why? How? Incredible human spirit full of hope for tomorrow even if today is painful…. Making things with no tangible purpose just beautiful or ugly depending….and some indifferent…no feeling at all.

Stacking Rings and Things….

Sculpture Rings Stacking Bands…. had a favorite customer of mine wondering where my stacking rings went too at my last show (had a bunch last year with gemstones in them)… I told her, ‘I have them! They just are not done.’ Well, now they are done! Take a look.

Garnet in Shist Ring: Modern for Guy or Girl

Last but not least… ‘My Lucky Penny’ pendant. I made this for myself. I found the penny one day on the ground. My husband was standing next to me and I said, ‘Hey, it’s from 1959.’ He said, ‘Hey, that’s the year I was born. That IS your lucky penny.’ We both laughed at his sarcasm! Because he said it in such a devilish way. Ever since I have had the penny in my jewelry box and decided to do something about it. I can now wear it and might even spice it up a bit with some other charms… We will see. If you want a Lucky Penny Pendant just send me your penny!

Also Roni’s pendant is done. The 14K gold accents are perfect. Get a picture up tomorrow night. Made some fossilized earrings that are very cool so those are to come next. Got a show on Sunday: Art In The Park in Appleton WI. Saturday is a torch demo at The Flying Pig Gallery. They are have a Plein Air event. Come to either if you can! I gotta go to bed…. jeez way past my bedtime.


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