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Upcoming Diamond Setting Class Info

FinalGemstone Flyer     Please open this PDF to view Diamond Setting Class to be offered by Gerry Lewy Master Diamond Setter. It will be held in Green Bay WI at NWTC (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College) on Nov 8, 9, 10th. The class is half full right now. So, please sign up soon if you are planning on attending. There is a home Packer game that weekend so hotel rooms will be a challenge. I cannot wait to take this class. I am sure I won’t get the opportunity ever again to learn such specifically detailed skills so if you are considering it….do it.


Coral Fossil Stone Necklace

I just made this for tomorrows show. It’s a really interesting, organic piece. I did not have a vision for this coral fossil but it just came together as my hands worked. I had no plan.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/165511480/coral-fossil-specimen-stone-sterling



“Heart On My Sleeve”

Amazing Crazy Lace Agate and Carnelian Stone…

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/165509632/heart-crazy-lace-agate-sterling-silver?ref=listing-shop-header-1

See you in Door County Tomorrow just North of Ephraim! Fine Line Gallery.

Pic of Artstreet

This was the first time ArtStreet has been open to artist on Friday night. It was busy! Wow! Thank you everyone. I’m already looking pretty low on inventory so Sunday will be slim pickens, but that’s why we’re there! Great!

I will probably have to work in my studio tonight to make some special requests for people…little things they will pick up on Sunday. No fancy dinner with friends after show, shucks.


Will have power for the first time at this show…yippeeee!

Shown in the picture is a deep cycle marine batter with an inverter. The inverter converts the DC to AC power. Half of my lights are DC powered and the other half AC power. After the Bead and Button Show I should have all DC lighting. Those you can connect to the battery directly without the inverter. Why do I want to do this? The inverter uses up power as well as the lights. My goal would be to have the lights run all weekend without charging the battery. Excited to have lights! Jewelry looks awesome lit up!

Battery $80/weighs a lot don’t hurt your back -about 50 lbs
Inverter $60/800 watts (don’t get a cheap one)

This next picture is for Tammy Rae!! It’s her hands on display at the Flying Pig Gallery. Her glass has stainless steel screws embedded into it. You can mix and match by changing out glass and metal parts to different styles and colors with rings and pendants. It’s very cool. Check her put at glassbytammyrae.etsy.com

See ya soon Tammy! In Milwaukee!


Ocean Jasper Miss Matched Earrings


First Summer Art Show of the season this weekend. It’s Saturday and Sunday only…not Monday. Come and enjoy as it is one of my personal favorite shows. It’s right on the Bay of Green Bay in Sunset Park Sturgeon Bay Door County WI. It’s beautiful. Nice beach and things for the entire family to do. All of the artists are excellent as well! Come and say Hi. I will be there!

Above picture is of Ocean Jasper Hinged Earrings…. they are mis-matched which is has become a favorite thing for me to do. Great to wear as well. It’s funny no one notices mis-matched earrings, atleast they don’t say anything….. Here’s the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/152012921/ocean-jasper-stone-earring-sterling-wild

Have a great Holiday Weekend! Hope for good weather. I will have pics of show later on in the weekend.

New Display Booth, Mom’s, and Happy Valentine’s Day



New display starting to take form. The display is from Dynamic Display Systems: http://www.DynamicDisplaySystems.com. They are really nice and have a lot of options. This is 40 inches tall (table top), locking glass doors, completely fold up and retractable. I am trying to dress them down….why? Too fancy for my rustic appeal… but I needed something that was enclosed. The bottom part I am making from Canvas/Linen. It comes in black fabric or black panels from the company. So I am switching to canvas/linen table covers…. I can’t sew…..shucks. Hmmm…. MY MOMMY sews!!!! Thank goodness. She came over and sewed for two days. I got all new table covers from some huge canvas/linen painters tarps. I’ll show it all to you when I have my first show March 9th. I purchased 3 of these glass displays, 2 of the one shown and one smaller square/double stacked glass case- all with interior lights not shown. Only downfall… really $$$$$. Had to choke on my credit card numbers as I gave them out, eeekkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I want new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shhh…don’t tell.



1961 Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine. My Grandmother bought it new in 1961. What makes it special??? Has a low gear. Great for sewing things like Canvas. Works like a dream. Guess who else sews but not me: my hubby. He is good at it too because he reads blueprints all the time and is very detail orientated. Why is he not doing it. I wanted to make a mess and he is not good at that and I ask him to do too much stuff – which he always does awesome better than I even need. He is always making me something. Thank God for Mom’s. Last pic here is adding ‘Industrial Strength’ Velcro to the Canvas that will go on the tables as skirts. Not kidding package said ‘Industrial Strength’ and I think it would stick to anything and never come off… wow, strong.

DSCN2320 DSCN2319Taylor made for me. This pretty much says it all. I hung it front and center in my shop.



This too: ‘How Would Your Family Behave If They Came Home And Found You Blissfully Lying Down?” Hilarious…. This is a clutch purse but I hung it up as a picture.DSCN2344 DSCN2350

This piece was a whispering surprise. I did not expect it to delight me like it has. When you use faceted gemstones there is just something magical about them… These White Topaz: one at the top a 6mm Rose Cut White Topaz and the briolette at the bottom just really did something for this piece. The stone is so beautifully understated and the gemstones just made it all work. I did not like the piece as I was making it. I fell in love with it as I set the stones. It’s like a watercolor, a soft kiss, feminine beauty. Can you tell I love it? Did I mention, I love it.



Just for Valentine’s Day: Red Top Agate, Garnets… This piece is not very big, but it’s color packs a punch… and talk about packing a punch! A Bar Fight Ring is to follow…..



This ring has two adjustable bands: A Roman Ring. It’s a power house. I put it on and it feels like you are the Queen or something. You can’t garden in this ring but you can be a judge on American Idol wearing this ring, ha!!!!!!!! Crazy Big.


Show This Weekend

Kohler Art Show this Saturday. I have never done this show before. I guess it’s swamped with people. Here are some pics of things in the making for the last few weeks….

These are some of Tammy Rae’s beads just out of the tumbler…
Here they are done….

That’s a pile of necklaces! I make the chains they are on as well. I purchase the small link chain in a spool and solder on a tiny jump ring on each end with a chain extension and a hand made clasp. It’s a nice touch instead of purchasing a pile of chains commercially made. A lot less expensive too and 14 chains took me half hour, which is quick!

This is a 40 inch handmade chain out of he tumbler. This on the other hand took a lot of time but I real enjoy making chains. Each little cup has a different detail in it.



I have about ten more one of a kind pieces done but will have to show you pics when I get back from the show. I’ll take lots of pics of the show. Suppose to be great! Wish me luck!

Thank You Again Appleton

Had Octoberfest in Appleton Wisconsin this weekend. Have never done that show before and it’s not an Art show. It’s a music festival with some booths at it…..and lots of beer. I get a little nervous about the beer factor. It makes for a tough crowd. At an Artshow people are polite and calm and interested in what you do. At a music festival the general population that’s drinking can start to get a little rough on the merchandise. It’s entertaining to watch unless they pick up a stone necklace and drop it. So, Katie and I had to be on our toes watching everything and everyone like hawks.

It was all good though and a beautiful day. A man becoming one of my best and favorite customers bought the following piece. Thanks Bob! You flatter me! The piece is perfect for him.


I don’t have a show now until November. So it will be nice to create for the next 6 weeks. I’ll be able to post some how to things on here too.

Thanks again Appleton….see you next year at Octoberfest.

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