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On The News Tomorrow

Tune in tomorrow to Channel 5 at their live 9:20am spot…. I guess it will be me…. which is a little scary that it is live. (You can witness me being my dorky self.) The live spot is for ArtStreet which takes place in downtown Green Bay. There is art, entertainment & food all weekend long: Friday 4-8pm, Sat 10-8pm, Sun 10-4pm. I am booth #147 which is on the corner of Cherry St. next to Associated Bank. I am right by the food & beer if that is any motivation. The next few pics wrap up summer. It has been a good one…


I made a series of 10 of these necklaces… It is Manganese Dendrite on Limestone. These stones were mined in a famous mine in Germany years ago name Solenhofen. Link to this necklace: http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p377/Manganese_Dendrite_Citrine_Gemstone_Necklace_.html    I will have others listed next week. If you want a pic of each one just send me an email and I will send you some pics. email joy@joykruse.com


This was a custom order for a lady based on another one I made that was much larger. The follow picture is of how it arrived at her house.


Hmmm… ran over it ??????? This box is stuffed tight with tissue paper… inside the tissue paper is another hard jewelry box that is gift wrapped… inside that box is another bunch of tissue paper and your jewelry. The pendant in photo above was bent at a 45 degree angle ~ seriously, it’s layers of 20G metal… The customer was wonderful about it. I am making her a new pendant and filing my insurance claim with the post office. I have never had this happen before. I did go to the post office with my photos… I just needed some kind of a explanation. They said a conveyor must have eaten it…. well… then send it back me.. really… look at the box.. jeez. You can leave that at someones door step and think it’s ok? Saga over… Making another one. It was a pleasure to do, so third times a charm.


One of my favorite pieces of all summer… Ocean Jasper, Tourmaline and White Topaz…sold


This is Crazy Lace Agate and Diamond. This necklace is at The Flying Pig Gallery. It is a beauty. The pics do not do it justice. The top of the stone is a drusy and I could not seem to get that to sparkle. Link: http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p361/Crazy_Lace_Agate_Diamond_18K_Gold_and_Sterling_Silver_Necklace_Handmade_One_Of_A_Kind.html


This piece is at The Flying Pig Gallery as well. 18K Gold and Jasper. I have to make a pin based on this piece for a good customer… I am looking forward to it. Link: http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p363/Jasper_Garnet_18K_Gold_Sterling_Silver_Necklace_Handmade_One_Of_A_Kind.html


This is a piece of Coral Fossil, Garnet and Citrine. It is at:http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p373/Coral_Fossil_Necklace_Sterling_Silver_One_Of_A_Kind_.html


Lake Michigan Beach Stone Souvenir Necklace… Sold… Huge piece of sterling silver rod going right through stone… embedded Garnet… heavy, hammer, forged, handmade sterling chain. I never had so much fun 🙂 really, it was really really really really fun to make this necklace.


We got a dog. He’s great. We needed a dog. The kids needed a dog. His name is Dusty. He came from a shelter in Alabama to the shelter here in Green Bay. (I think he is german Shepard and heeler?) He has been a delight for this past week. He is silly. He does not seem to have ever been out of a caged environment. He eats frogs and bees. He has learned a lot in the last week we have had him… like not to walk through a glass door. He has learned to almost trust us and relax and be a dog.


Kids life ~ Dogs life ~ good stuff, they have no idea how loved they are… and won’t for years and years…


Diamond Accented Cross sent to Germany. Was a favorite for me… even the guy it was going to was just wonderful. I hope he is wearing it as I type this ~ It was the saying he wanted and I really loved it… ‘Being Myself… Being Confident’ – ‘Happiness & Wonders All Around…’


Lake Michigan ~ Cave Point State Park a favorite place Summer or Winter


Yeah, they buried her entirely. This is our neighbor girl. She’s fun and sweet and easy to smile… Summer could not be any better when you are twelve.

See you tomorrow on the News at 9:20 WFRV Channel 5 and at ArtStreet all weekend long #147….

Summer Is Almost Over…Enjoy…



ArtStreet Preview….



Agate and Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace


Ocean Jasper Handmade Teardrop Chain. I can’t tell you how good this necklace feels on… it’s smooth and weighty and beautiful.






Crazy Lace Agate and Garnet Gemstones….


Been working hard at my bench for ArtStreet. I have more pieces that these but won’t get the pics up before the show. Please visit: http://www.joykruse.etsy.com to see individual listings.

I’ve also had some family things going on that have needed my attention in far away places so it’s been a whirl wind of a month. ArtStreet always marks the last week of summer and that is hard to believe. I don’t want to believe it. I guess if I lived in an ‘endless summer’ I would tire of it….

Summer Pics, New Things, ArtStreet… soon….


This is an old old old post office building near my home. It is on my neighbors property and it’s an interesting place… Once in a while in go here to take pictures. This time my daughter went with her metal detector. We didn’t find much as far as metal goes but it was fun and the it’s the thought that counts! It was an adventure.


Our big find… Some old square nails and I do love to use these in my work so it was a successful hunt.


Rhodocrosite Toggle Necklace… This pink stone is a favorite of mine along with Agua Nueva and Laguna Agate. It’s getting really hard to find nice stones though. Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/199563146/rhodocrosite-sterling-silver-necklace?


Took a short trip to Waupaca Wisconsin and stayed on Spencer Lake at The Dragonfly Cottage. Here is the link to the cottage if you want to visit and stay… it was amazing: http://www.vrbo.com/396062

The water is obviously crystal clear and we learned to Kayak which I had never done and I thought I would not like it and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! On the flip side we learned to mountain bike a beginner trail… I thought I would love it… I hated every minute of it and thought I was going to die smashing my head open on a rock. So, you never know until you try I guess. If you are a mountain biker my hat is off to you…wow, hard. Try out Hartman Creek State Park trails. They made them for mountain bikers and I am diffidently not cut out for the sport.


This is about the average size fish we caught. Hee Hee… not such great fishing.


Beautiful simple necklace made today… Roni if you are out there this would be a good one for you 🙂

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/199571069/tee-pee-canyon-agate-sterling-silver?ref=listing-shop-header-2


Old Paddle Boat tour on the ‘Chain of Lakes’ in Waupaca….



My Grandmother… she came for a day to the cottage and went on a boat ride. I thought she was a goner this spring so it’s nice to see her enjoy summer time with some strength. She will be 91 in a month. She spent the entire day on a pontoon, amazing.


Our church was featured in this magazine which is pretty neat! I was shocked to see it as I read! I looked at the pictures and could not believe my eyes. What a surprise. Our church makes ‘Booyah’ which is similar to chicken soup and it’s a popular northern Wisconsin tradition.



Winter is coming….start stacking. Before winter arrives though is ArtStreet in downtown Green Bay Wisconsin. It starts on Friday night Aug 22nd. When I know where my booth will be I will post it next week. They did not have an artist map for me yet. See you there I hope!

Pic of Artstreet

This was the first time ArtStreet has been open to artist on Friday night. It was busy! Wow! Thank you everyone. I’m already looking pretty low on inventory so Sunday will be slim pickens, but that’s why we’re there! Great!

I will probably have to work in my studio tonight to make some special requests for people…little things they will pick up on Sunday. No fancy dinner with friends after show, shucks.

Bummer…Is Summer Over? Last Big Show


Summer is sure seeming to be coming to a close. I love this time of year but it’s hard to see Summer go… Last big show of the year, ArtStreet, Green Bay WI kinda of marks Summer’s end. After that kids go back to school and the leaves start to fall to the ground. The inevitable ‘White Death’ will be to follow (Winter.)

All of the pics are of things I made for the show. They are not posted on Etsy for sale. If you would like to purchase one of them let me know and I will post it for you on Friday morning.


This stone bracelet is a first. I have never made a bracelet with a stone set in it. The stone setting is curved and fits perfectly so the stone does not swing around to the underside of your wrist. The chain is completely handmade. I even rolled out the wire from a poured ingot. It’s a beautiful heavy, sturdy piece of jewelry, like a bracelet needs to be.



The Skull Ring…. I like skulls. I will probably always use skulls in my work. This ring is huge. Picture does not do it justice. The stone was carved just for me and I have a few of them.


Ocean Jasper and Peridot… Great Summer Color!




Roxanne these are your earrings!!!!!!!!! I hope you love your Tammy Rae Glass! It’s awesome!! I am crying because I used my last piece of Tammy Rae Glass today. I’m in luck as I will see her at ArtStreet. She will fix me up with more gorgeous Boro Glass.


That’s it…. See you this weekend #162 corner of Cherry and Adams St. I will take some great pics of the event and the booth. It starts tomorrow at 5pm which is really weird for me not to get up at 4am to set up for a show. Looking forward to it… always great to see good friends.

Coming To A Close….


Summer is coming to a close. I just hate to say that but it is. We are heading to school orientation this week and school sports start next week. My largest art show of the year is Aug 23, 24, 25th will be here in just over a week. That also is a last days of summer event. In my shop I have had a zillion things going on. I cleaned my shop which is a miracle in itself. I purchased some great new tools from a jewelry store that is closing. One of the things being  a professional jewelers bench. It is great and it is pretty. Can’t beat that! I will take some pics of my studio make over.

The stone above is the largest stone I have ever set. It’s amazing. I’m speechless holding it. I handmade the chain as well. This was very time consuming. I rolled out wire in a half round form and then made each oval link and soldering them one at a time. The chain is beautiful. It is 24 inches long which makes the pendant hang centered on your torso. It feels centering when you have it on. Gives me goosebumps. Here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/159514815/chrysocolla-specimen-stone-sterling




The next pictures are of Sarah’s wedding. She is a beautiful young woman I met at Harley Davidson in Green Bay. She is getting married this friday in a barn of all places! It is a ‘wedding’ barn and very picturesque. She wanted some rustic looking hearts for her bridesmaids. These hearts have the bridesmaids parents ring fingerprints on them. All of the bridesmaids parents are still married and I had them get impressions of each of their ring fingers in a putty mold. It is a surprise which is the best part! The stone hanging from the heart is a white topaz. I decided to add that after seeing the earrings which were already purchased. The stone just added a little sparkle to match.



Amazing Mold Putty: available at craft stores and very easy to use.


These are rustic wedding bands made for another couple. They are stamped with their favorite saying to one another.


I have a pile of more to do so I will get to work and I will post a few more times before ArtStreet: Friday Aug 23 5-8 pm, Sat 10-6, Sun 10-5. I am spot #162 right on a corner by the food and music. I am a little scared of that spot. I’m going to be swamped. Here is the info for Artstreet: http://www.mosaicartsinc.org/artstreet/about.php

Here is the map of the grounds… not sure it will work on this blog as it is a pdf. We will give it a try: Artstreet Ma 162



Getting ready for ArtStreet in Green Bay WI. It is Saturday and Sunday. I am spot #61 on the end of Pine Street, same as last year. It’s my stomping grounds so I am always looking forward to going. I know everyone.

The above necklace I just finished: Moon, Sky, Stars…. Sterling Silver, Ocean Jasper, Diamond, 18k Gold Setting. I love it but it’s big so naturally I love it. It is 3.5 inches long. The Ocean Jasper is fantasic because of it’s unique shape!


More fun stuff and my neighborly turkeys out my shop window!


Sea Urchins Earrings!!!!




Ok I am going back to work now. More stuff to do before Saturday!

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