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Hinged Bracelet Finished

DSC_0812This is a custom order I have been working on for a while. I really had fun making it and trouble shooting how I was going to make an easy, functioning clasp. It is also for a man which changes thing as well ~ you can’t make a girlie looking clasp. This clasp works great. It slides in effortlessly. The arched wrapped circle piece on the pin moves like a hinge and it snaps over the tiny little ball at the end of the pin…see it? It’s little…. The pin has a slight curve to it that is almost not noticeable. To get the pin out you flick that wrapped circle upwards off the tiny ball and it opens right up. I love the look of it especially for a guy.


This is the bracelet with the clasp closed.



This is the bracelet fully open. I hope he likes it.


Guardian Angel Wing Bracelet


Guardian Angel Wing Bracelet…..

This bracelet was made for a woman who lost two children this past year by miscarriage. The wings have the babies names on the backs: Madelyn and Baby Grape. When I dropped the bracelet off I had to leave without her opening it. Almost started to cry just dropping off the box.

The wings curve around your wrist. The heart is slightly curved as well. My favorite thing is the little cross….

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