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Orange-sickle Fresh!


Made this today…. Was just inspired by the two stones color. I did not purchase them together but they just found their way to one another in my box of stones. The leather cord ends I made as well. They are not store bought. I made about 50 end caps for this size leather cord (3mm.) why did I do this? It’s a tedious job…. Well, all the 3mm cord ends looked like store bought junk. Just could not bring myself to use them. It is a simple unnoticeable thing but at least they are not commercial and lame looking.

Love the necklace though and been playing with taking pictures on this old box. It’s an ammunition box and says all kinds of great stuff on it, ‘danger flammable explosives’ and ‘PYRO’. What a great find for me…appropriate.

More ‘Prayer Earrings’ being sold…all the money to Cancer Charity ~ Thanks!


Last but not least Angel Wing Earrings…. I might have posted these before but I’m just playing around with pics on this groovy old wooden box.



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