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Making A Cube, Azurite Necklace, and Snowman Cookies!

Made a hollow cube necklace as a special request for a good customer. It’s a fun techincal task that I enjoy. There are several ways to do it. I have made a cube with two piece folded in three equal sections but I find that it’s harder to make a nice fit. Here are two equal pieces. File a groove down the center. The file shown only has teeth on the edges of the file, very handy for this kinda work.

Now bevel or miter the edges so they will all fit together nicely. Make sure you start with heavy enough material so you have something to file. This is 18G sterling.


I bent these using a parallel pliers. You can use a vise or any thing that has a true, straight edge. Do not use a regular flat nose pliers. Those are at an angle and you don’t want that.


Put your sides together and solder on another sheet of silver to the bottom. Saw out your cube.


Make a tiny hole in the last sheet to solder on. I made mine in the center as I am going to solder a jump ring over the hole as the last step. If you do have a hole your piece will explode from pressure. (It’s no fun but sometimes you want that….make really cool shapes. Wear eye protection and ear protection maybe even face protection if you decide to explode something.)


I am covering the hole with a jump ring and adding a chain so the cube is centered as a pendant. You can fill  the hole with a piece of tapered sterling wire. Gently tap it in and file. You will be surprised that you can’t even find the spot when you are finished!



This next necklace I made yesterday and it’s a beauty. It’s big. The pictures do not really show how big it is. Isn’t that just like me to make something massive! The stone is 1.5 inches tall, 2.5 inches long and 2 inches wide, full of texture and sparkling azurite crystals.


Here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/169969892/azurite-specimen-stone-sterling-silver?ref=shop_home_active


Just had to toss this cookie picture in here. The kids and I make trays of Christmas cookies every year for friends and neighbors. We go all out making goofy decorated ones… These are going to get made first. How cute ~ look at their faces!

 This picture is from Pinterest. Thanks to whoever sent me the link. These are a riot!



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